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5 Essential Tips for Sleeping Well in Winter

If you find it hard to sleep peacefully in the winter months, there are several things you can do to ensure you catch those all-important zzzs. By preparing your body for sleep and creating an environment conducive to rest, you'll considerably enhance your chances of a quality, uninterrupted sleep. Consider this your (literal) crash course.

Choose the Right Bedding

A cool environment is essential for a restful sleep but, obviously, you don’t want to go sub-zero. Make sure that your bedding will keep you warm and cosy; but before you dress your bed in layers, make sure your essential pieces are working as hard as they possibly can. We recommend 100% Flax Linen, of course, as this natural fibre will act as a natural insulator when temperatures cool, trapping the heat in while still remaining breathable.

Go Natural

It's vital that each of your layers is breathable so if you do add a throw into the mix, make sure you avoid synthetics. You should rely on your bedding to keep you warm instead of a heater, as this will dehydrate you.

Warm up Before Bed

If you're shivering before jumping into bed, you will spend the first few minutes in the sack trying to warm up, which can, ironically, lead to over-heating shortly after. Opt for breathable pyjamas, warm socks and if possible, a shower or bath before bed.

Let There Be Light

Light pollution at night is almost certain to disrupt your sleep but it's important to expose your body to sufficient light during the day. Get up early to give yourself extra time outside during daylight hours, or make a point of going for a walk (even if it's just 15 minutes) on your lunch break. Your body receives most of the vitamin D it needs from sunlight, a this nutrient believed to influence both sleep quality and sleep quantity.

Keep Moving

Regular exercise will improve the quality of your sleep, whatever the weather's doing outside. It takes extra motivation in winter, we realise, so consider streaming a yoga workout from the comfort of the indoors, or go for a brisk run to up your endorphins and catch those aforementioned rays. It's not easy but it will guarantee less time trying to catching those zzzs.

Until it warms up, defrost and sleep well.

Now that we're on the topic, here are three reasons why you're waking up tired (even after a full night's rest); plus the unexpected signs you aren't getting enough sleep.

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