8 Interior Trends You're About to See Everywhere This Winter

Winter means more time indoors, and more time indoors means more reasons to do that home restyle you've been putting off since, well, last winter. Lift your space with these trends (probably not all at once though!) and remember: a pop of colour, or a subtle reshuffle can go a long way.

Then, there's always this...

Warm things up with dark finishes

Darker woods are about to be everywhere. Retro and rustic looks have inspired a new interest in deeper and richer tones. Walnut, mahogany and honeyed oak furnishings will replace the white-washed finishes of seasons passed. This year, crossing to the dark side will involve showcasing clean lines and simplicity in these rich tones, instead of traditional opulence. Seek out sleek furnishings boasting rich hues and gorgeous grains.

When it comes to colour, bold is beautiful

Neutral tones have dominated interior décor for the last few years, and we're seeing a swing back from minimalism to maximalism. It’s time to go bold with colour and one of the most popular hues this season will be green - in all its iterations. Opt for something deep and rich like Olive to accent your home, or a light, minty Sage for a nod to retro styling.

Mix textures

Bringing interest to any space, contrasting textures will be prominently feature in decor reports and the home of your most stylish friend. Look for furnishings and accessories with an earthy or handcrafted feel – wicker, rattan, reclaimed wood and natural textiles are all a good place to start.

Feature (not-so-heavy) metals

Metals have been on high rotation for the last few seasons– and they aren't going anywhere. These deliver striking accents and valuable contrast to your spaces. Gold, silver, copper and bronze details create contrast if your space is pared-back and minimal, while creating focal points around the home. Functional elements of your rooms, including door handles and chair legs, can be transformed into stand-out features whilst bold lighting solutions will like the feel of your interior, and make your space seem larger than it really it is.

Include tropical prints

Big and bold tropical prints continue the green theme and deliver eye-catching walls, window dressings and soft furnishings. Turn to foliage and botanicals for daring splashes of colour in your wallpaper, curtains and cushions.

Style your home with marble

With its stunning but natural colours and patterns, it should come as no surprise that marble isn't going anywhere. This is a costly natural material, of course, so if your budget won’t extend to a complete overhaul of your bathroom or kitchen, try including single panels of marble to reflect the trend.

Make a statement with your ceilings

Step aside, feature walls. Painted, tiled and decorated ceilings bring a new dimension to any room and is a subtle way to elevate your space. Better still, you can display decorative pieces without taking up valuable space.

Create curb appeal with colourful doors

Yes, we're serious. Go bold and make these functional pieces a statement in their own right - it might just make all the difference to your home.

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