These Are the 9 Decor Items You’ll Want to Buy in 2021

Lead image photographed in the home of Mafalda Vasconcelos featuring her artwork; captured for Bed Threads Journal.

If a new year refresh sounds like a daunting task, we're here to reassure you it's actually quite simple.

All it takes is investing in some of the must-have decor items and interior decoration pieces that will be trending in 2021. It’s a case of out with the old and in with the new when it comes to styling our homes this month, and we couldn’t be more ready for a change.

So, here are the top decor picks of 2021 you’ll want to invest in. Which ones will you be adding to your space this year?

9 best decor items to buy in 2021

1. Art (art, art and art!)

Since we spent the year living in Zoom bubbles, what you hang on your walls has never been more important.

At Bed Threads, we’ve always loved art, selling a range of affordable prints on our online store. But if you want more choice, new websites are serving to help get the names of new and emerging artists out there. Think of it like a modern, online-only gallery.

We love Sunday Salon here in Australia, but there are also overseas offerings such as Tappan. Time to build a portrait gallery of your own, at home.

Shop Claudia Miranda prints here.

2. Twisted candles

You’ve seen them in the Instagram feeds of all your favourite influencers Flex Mami, Jessie Bush, Emma Hoareau and now it’s time to see them in your own home.

Twisted candles, ingeniously poured by brands including homegrown favourite Jolie Laide, are bright, zingy and oh-so-cool, the perfect accent piece for a well-styled living space and also a pretty fantastic housewarming gift. Buy in bulk so you never run out.

3. Checkerboard everything

Call it The Queen’s Gambit fever, but in 2021 the world is going to go check crazy. The graphic, square-on-square print is currently experiencing a huge resurgence, courtesy of its application on everything from soft furnishings (pillows, hand towels, throw blankets) and decor items (chess boards, naturally) and even crockery and kitchenware.

Our favourite checkerboard piece right now are these gorgeous, sustainably-produced knitted blankets by Melbourne brand Curio Practice.

Save up your pennies and you’ll have one to lounge around with come winter.

4. Mineral

Have you met our new shade? Mineral is cool, calm and collected, the perfect match of steely greys and soft blues, inspired by ocean pools and the deep blue sea.

Given that Pantone named grey one of its colours of 2021, Mineral is the perfect bedding shade to invest in now. It’s simple enough to serve as a neutral, but like all Bed Threads shades, it mixes and matches well with your existing collection. We’re particularly partial to pairing Mineral with Lavender or Sage. Lovely.

Shop Mineral and Lavender in our Build Your Own Bundle here.

5. Bedside curation

Unsurprisingly, we’re very here for this trend.

According to several interior designers, 2021 is going to be the year of bedside curation. What does that mean? Well, it’s about styling your bedside table like you would style any other space in your home, and not just leaving it as a dumping ground for everything you need overnight.

How can you do that? Well, start with a water carafe and glass, to create a bedside hydration station. Get some ceramics, find a few little dishes to keep jewellery, hand cream and any medicines you need on hand. Buy a beautiful antique lamp and pile your reading stack high. Hello, bedside curation.

6. Murano glassware

Murano glassware is the gorgeous, colourful glass created by hand by artisans in Venice. Despite being a design staple in the most well-appointed homes for centuries, in 2021 it’s going to hit the mainstream.

Influencers like Lucy Williams have been stocking their cabinets with mis-matched Murano glassware, in colours of green, pink, purple and blue, to create a gloriously colourful and individual table setting.

Yes, true Murano glassware is an investment. But you can occasionally find a good bargain on Etsy or Ebay and investing in this long-lasting and beautiful product will be something you never regret.

7. Block tables

Last year, everyone went mad for marble and onyx plinths. In 2021, the trend for singular, block tables and plinths will go one step further.

We’ve seen wooden plinths from brands we love like the Byron Bay-based Worn Store, curved, colourful ‘Chub’ end tables from Curated Spaces and, our favourite, the colourfully-tiled plinths from Melbourne’s Occasional Pieces, as seen in the lovely ethical beauty store Foile in Bondi.

8. Bath trays

Are you lucky enough to have a bathtub? You need to get bathscaping in 2021.

What does this mean, exactly? Well, like bedside curation, it’s about setting up the perfect space for bath time relaxing. The key to bathscaping is to get a bath tray, one that can slot over each end of your bathtub to store all the things you might want to get you in the mood while bathing. Think: bath oils, a scented candle, a good book and a glass of wine. Opt for something simple and easy to clean in a natural material, like a pale wood. Bath time just got that much chicer.

Shop Bathe. by Bed Threads hand towels here.

9. Retro coffee maker

Snazzy, modern coffee makers are a thing of the past. This year, we’re all about the vintage and retro styles. From the uber-fancy retro-vibes of the Smeg drip coffee maker live your American diner coffee dreams with this one! or the coffee-lovers’ favourite, the world-renowned Moccamaster Coffee Brewer. This one looks like it stepped straight out of an 80s romantic comedy and into our kitchens - and we adore it.

You've got the basics, so now it's time to redecorate your bedroom. Here are the biggest bedroom decorating trends of 2021 to help you get started.

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