15 Creatives Share Their Tips for a Well-Styled Bedroom

Our bedrooms are our sleep sanctuaries. They're spaces in our homes where we can completely relax and curl up in at the end of a long day, and where we can express our personal design style. 

Since bedrooms are the most private rooms of the house, it can be easy to overlook their overall design. But these special spaces in the home are where you start and end your day and their design can affect your mental health

There are plenty of places to seek inspiration for decorating your bedroom, but who better to get advice from than creative people who have a keen eye for detail and who dedicate their lives to the arts. 

From interior designers to artists, we turned to 15 creative people whose homes we have toured in our The Makers series, to find out their top design tips for a well-styled bedroom. 

Bedroom Styling Tips From 15 Creatives

1. Tali Roth, Interior Designer

"Keep clutter away! It’s important to ensure you have sufficient storage and if you don't then add a dresser and storage side tables as the most unnerving thing in a place of rest is visual clutter.

Try and keep symmetry for a sense of space and opulence i.e. if you can have two side tables and two lamps or sconces then do so."


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2. Jaz Meier, Artist

"For me personally it needs to be warm and inviting. I also think plants are essential in every room. Bringing a bit of life and nature indoors changes the whole dynamic of a room to me.

Textures are a big one, too; velvet, wood, linens, rugs. They add that extra layer of depth to a room that I love."

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3.  Emma Lane, Creative

"It's really the same for a well-groomed person. I love Coco Chanel’s saying, 'Before you leave the house look in the mirror and take one thing off'. With a bedroom it’s the same - not too many cushions or things, keep it elegant and simple."

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4. Courtney Adamo, Entrepreneur

"I don’t know about well-styled… but I do love the items in my bedroom to be calming and cosy in colour and feel. It’s where we sleep after all!"


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5. Justine Cullen, Editor

"Don’t have kids?! But also, the reason I love pure linen so much is because it looks good even when the bed is unmade."

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6. Jordan Ferney, Entrepreneur

"Create systems so that it can stay nice and serene. For example, have a place for dirty clothes so even when you are busy, your room can feel calm. Fill it with art and flowers and things that make you happy."

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7. Simone Haag, Interior Designer

"A well-styled bedroom for me means everything has to serve a purpose. You don't just have cushions for cushion’s sake. The cushion is there for comfort so you can work on your laptop, read a book with or snuggle with family. A bed is all well and good, but you have to be able to sit in it and enjoy the room it’s in. You need to make your bedroom a place that evokes cosiness and warmth. 

Wall lights that are dimmable are also excellent additions to a well-styled bedroom, as is Bed Threads bed linen, of course. 

For me, I would never style a room where there’s just a bed against a wall. I always like to have my stacks of books, ceramics or a jewellery bowl behind me so a lodge behind my bed is a non-negotiable. 

Moreover, I always like artwork and it can’t just be a single piece of art over a bed - I always like mixed medium artwork so combining tapestries with ceramics, paper mache, paintings and photographs."

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8. Claire Thomas, Commercial Director

"Don’t be afraid of colour. And the truth is, when people struggle with design, it’s not because they’re making 'bad' choices, it’s because they struggle with sticking to a story. Design starts to fall apart when none of the pieces aren’t in conversation with each other, and it’s like visual mad libs.

For a bedroom, I always focus on texture and comfort. I love layering lots of different textures to make the space feel as cosy as possible."

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9. Hannah Sindorf, Jeweller

"Having a space that’s a reflection of you and what you love is my best advice. It’s not about what’s trendy, it’s about having a collection of objects that pull you in and bring you joy. That’s what will ultimately make a space feel like home.

Scent is very important to me, so having delicious-smelling candles and a diffuser is a must; they can really change the mood of a room from season to season. And of course, having soft, warm, cloud-like bedding is a must! Nothing feels better at the end of the day than getting into a clean and comfortable bed."

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10. Lara Fells, Creative Director & Co-Founder of St. Agni.

"I like to keep things very simple. My philosophy has always been 'less is more'. I invest in a few quality pieces and then let them shine. I don’t like over-styling."

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11. Sarah Pickersgill-Brown, Editorial Stylist

"I love using natural fibres like linen on the beds and wooden furniture so the overall feeling is relaxed and warm. I include a variety of heights and textures to create interest. Sheer curtains filter the natural light beautifully and create a dreamy atmosphere. These look best hung floor to ceiling to accentuate height."

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12. Jessica Bellef, Interior Stylist

"Always add more books, more art and more lamps, but leave some breathing space. Negative space is powerful and can help create a calm room that gives you the space to let happiness and good thoughts in."

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13. Lynda Gardener, Interior Designer

"Lots of layers, textures, keeping to a colour palette that suits not just the room but the entire home. The beds are so important to me: colour, texture, layers. Pure linen always. A throw or two and roughly styled scatter cushions, nothing over-styled, quite relaxed and loose."

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14. Daniel Boddam, Architect

"I like the mantra less is more. Few, but edited, pieces that have breathing space. A bedroom should be a restful atmosphere, so working with complementary colours and natural materials works well. I tend to favour layered monochromatic and neutral colours and rely on art for pops of colour."

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15. Abbey Rich, Artist

"Just go with what you feel, I like collecting – whether it be friend's work or little things we find on a trip. So much stuff exists in the world I think it’s really easy to style well with second hand things! All our furniture in our house except our bed was found. Even our two big rugs were found in hard rubbish right on our street."

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