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It's True: These Are the Best Australian Architects on Instagram

Architecture is one of those industries you don’t necessarily need to know much about to appreciate, in part because we spend our whole lives going from one building to the next. However, when you take the time to read up on and look at different styles, especially from different firms, there's a lot of magic to be uncovered!

Luckily enough for us in the modern era, information is available at our fingertips. We can spy in on some of the most incredible buildings across the world. The list of firms below goes to show that learning a little, even just from Instagram, can deepen your appreciation of beautiful buildings.


Taylor Knights are a Melbourne-based architecture firm that create minimalist lines and simple forms to express space and comfort in the home. Their Instagram is filled with not just finished buildings, but the whole process, including design plans, interiors and site visits with their studio pup Rupert. They bring the outside in with windows that look out onto perfect green spaces, and meet up with interior rooms filled with beautiful design. Sustainability and environment are crucial to their practice, and this is evident in their stylistic approach to architecture.


Rob Kennon Architects make sleek buildings that engage in a minimalist way to their surroundings with nods to Californian modernism. Their buildings take on sustainable methods to preserve the environment while adding tranquil space to fill the client's briefs. Their Instagram lives up to an architecture lover's dream! Their feed gives access to some of the best homes in Australia and provides context and background to their practice, as well as inspiration for your next build and what furniture suits the modernist aesthetic.

You may already be familiar with Sans Arc from the house "that nearly broke Instagram" aka Plaster Fun House (pictured above). Their style is clean and modern with fun curves and arches that turn regular spaces into expressions of personality. Plaster Fun House took this to the next level with blue, all-tiled, bathrooms, curved kitchen benches in pastel pinks; all housed in a minimal white rough-cast plaster finish, invoking dreams of sunny Spanish homes. The rest of their IG highlights a distinct style of curves, fun colours, and cosy spaces in Adelaide. Keep an eye out for a chalet-style bar in SA tucked between two buildings, and another little bar, called Malt & Juniper, that has an open bar/window externally finished in jade-coloured stone tiles.


Crump Architects make homes that could double up as treehouses, tucked away in the Tasmanian bush. In fact, one special build was literally a treehouse for two lucky young boys. (The little house was made from recycled materials, and the brief was to make the most from as little space as possible.) Other gems include the Highway House which cantilevers over the edge of the hill looking out to expansive views of the Derwent River. Their Instagram is fresh with only 17 posts, but their selective posting only makes you want more!


Started up by architect Shaun Carter, Carter Williamson takes a playful approach to create memorable spaces that are homely and inviting. Their Instagram reflects this and provides a sneak preview to some of the stunning homes and innovative uses of architecture. Colour also appears across their Instagram, with bright blue tiles and vivid rainbow patterns. Shapes and forms make up most of their fun style, including the Blues Point Hotel's outdoor deck, in North Sydney, that sits within a tree-height curved wall in stretched wood. The original brief was to ensure noise didn't escape the venue and affect nearby residents. Carter Williamson ran with the brief and adopted the art deco style of the original pub while providing little cosy nooks for patrons.


Auhaus Architecture is as sleek and modernist as they come, and their highly polished Instagram reflects this. Brutalist architecture pops in from time-to-time, leaving the feed with strong aesthetic values that continue through to the joinery hardware and lighting, all which is made in house. Their Instagram not only allows you to peek in on their award-winning designs but enables you to consider the architecture in new forms and expressions through lighting and perspective. The firm takes a sustainable approach to their designs, working with the landscape, and adding eco-qualities that mean their homes will last for a long time while causing minimal interference. The Torquay Concrete House takes this literally, with not only an internal courtyard but a garden on the roof, reflecting the surrounding wetlands.


Edition Office designs spaces that emphasise an artistic aesthetic, both literally with gallery and museum buildings, but also as sculptures and installations within homes. Based in Melbourne, the architects have worked with Artbank, Station Gallery in Melbourne, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander War Memorial with Daniel Boyd, and at the National Gallery of Victoria with Yhonnie Scarce to create architecture brutalist chambers on the gallery grounds. Alongside art pieces, they also feature tranquil spaces, for homes and offices that are places to reflect on their Instagram. Including the Point Lonsdale House which uses wooden features to create an oasis of light and shadow; or the Hawthorn House which sees the ceiling extend to concrete curves, pulling the outside in.


Retallack Thompson is an emerging architect firm that understands space and minimalism through their builds. With experience from Sydney and Berlin, the architects understand how to make the most out of small areas. And, a closer look onto their website reveals how they use their skills as architects to help build houses for those who need them, as well as helping to combat future housing issues in rural communities. Their Instagram offers a view into this world, and their houses are perfectly manicured. The feed itself is a dazzling white highlighting soft curves and angles. But, I love the internal courtyards that pop up with a view of the cactus gardens; or corner highlighted in pink. This is one company to watch!


Multiple award winner Clare Cousins is a real treat for architect lovers on Instagram and her feed follows her around on her travels and at home. Expect a colour coordinated journey that follows a simple pattern of shapes, curves and patterns. Clare Cousins Architects' style is modern and exciting. Including their recent Aesop Fitzroy store fit-out, which is decked out in millennial pink and floor to ceiling windows into the internal courtyard.

@stuart_vokesandpeters & @aaron_vokesandpeters

Number ten on the list is the duo pair behind Vokes and Peters Architects. Both Stuart and Aaron offer a different lens to look at architecture through their Instagram and give an insight into how architect firms can come together. Aaron's feed is minimal, with lots of negative space surrounding the images, Stuart’s is full of large photos that give full detail and context to their projects. Between them, their architectural firm crosses different fields of design theory. From Modernist builds to farmhouse renovation. They go between residential builds and homes with ease. All which take on personable vibes and cosy nooks.

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