The 8 New and Addictive Podcasts Everyone Has Been Talking About

Whether you've reached the end of your Netflix watch list or simply need a break from the constant onslaught of thrilling visual media, why not consider the simplicity and elegance of the audio format?

Given that more people—content creators included—are at home with time and creative energy to spare, there have been a tonne of quality podcasts already in 2020. From comedy podcasts that will brighten your mood to jaw-dropping crime podcasts that will captivate you from start to end, there are hours of entertainment on offer in podcast form.

Read on to discover nine new and addictive podcasts everyone has been talking about, and don't forget to hit subscribe on your podcast provider of choice.

Black Frasier

Comedian Phoebe Robinson's latest podcast was born in quarantine, and its title is a play on the classic '90s sitcom. In Black Frasier, Phoebe interviews a celebrity guest and answers listener questions. With guests ranging from Broad City's Abbi Jacobson to National Book Award winner, Guggenheim fellow, educator, and NYT best-selling author Dr. Ibram X Kendi, the tone of this podcast is fresh and fabulous. If you're unfamiliar with Phoebe's singular energy, infused with curiosity and hope, give her podcast a listen. In her own words: "The world is a continuous dumpster fire and the goal of this poddie is to make you laugh, think, and feel hopeful for our future." Amen.

Whatever I Want

Flex Mami's second podcast offering does exactly what it says on the tin. In Whatever I Want, Flex talks abouty whatever she wants, touching on a diverse range of topics—Jersey Shore, vulva masks, Jungian archetypes and Spiritual TikTok (it's a thing). Sometimes there are guests (The Bachelor's Abbie Chatfield recently appeared) and sometimes it's just Flex being Flex, which is likely just what you're looking for in a podcast.

Busy Philipps is Doing Her Best

Fresh off short-lived late-night talk show Busy Tonight, author and actor Busy Philipps is back with a podcast in the same spirit. Each episode, Busy and co-hosts, Shantira Jackson and Caissie St. Onge speak to a guest about success, failure and everything in between. So far they've chatted with icon Rosie O'Donnell, Olympian Michelle Kwan, late-night writer-turned-host Amber Ruffin and more. If you're one of Busy's 2.1 million Instagram followers, then you'll love this pod.

InCharge with DVF

Fashion icon Diane von Furstenberg meets with cultural icons in their sacred spaces to find out how they've built strength through vulnerability. From Kris Jenner to Elaine Weltroth, DVF's guest roster is part of what makes this podcast so compelling. In the season finale, Charlize Theron talks about growing up with an alcoholic father and how she channelled trauma into her incredible acting performances, and how motherhood has been the most empowering experience of all.

Jeans And A Nice Top

Hosts Ashleigh Austen and Melissa Mason promise to overanalyse the wild world of modern dating and generally overshare about the ups and downs of their own love lives. No matter where you're at on the dating journey—freshly single, freshly married, freshly complicated—find solidarity in these two BFFs while you reminisce about first dates that didn't happen over Zoom.

The Bald and the Beautiful

Looking for a mood booster? Drag's favourite BFFs are back with a fresh new podcast. To the delight of Trixie and Katya superfans worldwide, the duo have teamed up to talk about all things beauty: inner beauty, self-image, and make-up horror stories from two people who know best. Whether you've binged every episode of UNHhhh multiple times or merely stumbled upon I Like to Watch on Netflix (the web series where they get into full drag and watch the latest Netflix hit), treat yourself to the delightfully bawdy conversational stylings of this iconic duo in this must-listen podcast.

The Michelle Obama Podcast

Following the former First Lady's immensely successful memoir, Becoming, she launched her very first podcast. After the obligatory episode with husband (and former president) Barack, Michelle has had conversations with guests like late-night host Conan O'Brien, award-winning journalist Michele Norris, and her brother, Craig Robinson. Topics covered include women's health, growing up, career, marriage. the White House—the whole shebang.

Teenager Therapy

Perfectly described as a coming of age story portrayed in real time, Teenager Therapy brings five stressed, sleep deprived but totally wired teens together to talk about life. There's Gael, who loves creating things; Isaac, who loves being active; Mark, who loves volleyball and rom-coms; Kayla, who laughs Netflix and having a laugh; and Thomas, who just wants to make the world a better place. As they all do—if you're concerned about "the youth", or if you are a youth, let this podcast give you hope for the future.

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