Your sleepwear is just as important as a quality mattress, pillow, and bed sheets.

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8 Things to Consider When Buying Pyjamas for a Good Night's Sleep

Your sleepwear is just as important as a quality mattress, pillow, and bed sheets.

We spend a significant amount of our lives sleeping and trying to get to sleep. That means you’ll spend a large portion of your time in pyjamas (this is without counting those lazy weekends spent all day lounging around in your sleepwear).

It’s safe to say that investing in the perfect clothing to wear during the night is just as important as investing in a quality mattress, pillow and bed sheets. Many of us are probably guilty of purchasing sleepwear without much consideration, but there are crucial factors you need to take into account if you really want to improve your sleep and get quality snooze, night after night.

Here’s how to do just that.

1. Comfort

You won’t be able to get quality snooze if buttons are digging into your skin, collars are too restrictive or that elastic waistband is a little on the tighter side. So, ask yourself what you want in your sleepwear.

Do you want collars or round necks? Do you want a short or long sleeve shirt? Are pockets mandatory? What about buttons? Do you prefer drawstrings to elastic? Are pants comfortable to wear, or will you be able to breathe better in a slip dress? Do you need extra warmth like a robe? Remember, comfort should be your top priority because a comfortable you means a comfortable sleep - without any disturbances.

2. Fit

Purchasing your pyjamas online? Take the time to view the size chart and double-check the measurements before purchasing. The worst is having to sleep in clothing that’s too small or big.

You’ll want pyjamas that allow you to move, so look for pieces that have a relaxed, loose fit that flatters any silhouette, which our sleepwear range does so well.

3. Fabric

You should pay careful attention to the fabric of the pyjamas. Opt for a material that is breathable and kind to the most sensitive of skins, but will also keep you warm. This is where linen comes in.

Linen is an extremely breathable fabric so you'll stay warm but perspiration-free all night long. It’s all down to the fibres, which are longer than cotton and therefore create a looser weave within the fabric. Our 100% French flax linen is also better at absorbing moisture (20 per cent more in fact) and is very good at naturally regulating body temperature - great news for anyone who gets hot or cold at night.

Moreover, all our linen products are both recyclable and biodegradable so you can rest easy knowing your sleepwear isn't harming the environment.

4. Longevity

Invest in sleepwear that will be with you for years and won’t easily ruin or go out of style. Linen is known for being the world’s strongest natural fibre and is far more durable than cotton, so it’s a smart investment if you’re looking for pyjamas that’ll last you through more than just a single season. Plus, those linen pyjamas you bought to keep you warm in winter? They’ll also keep you cool during summer. 

5. Versatility

Are you purchasing pyjamas purely for sleep, or do you want pieces you can lounge around the house in? Our linens are so versatile that you could even pair our sleepwear Top with your favourite jeans for an effortless day look.

Moreover, you don’t have to lock yourself into one style; purchase separate tops and bottoms of different lengths to cater to the different seasons.

6. Cut

Your favourite cut can say a lot about your personality. If you can’t get enough of slips, you’re no-nonsense, but also sensitive and nurturing. Always well-presented, you have impeccable taste and your home décor is likely full of unique finds and vintage furniture.

If you’re more of a matching set person, you’re organised and rational, and emanate a confident calm wherever you go. You are the rock in most of your relationships and your steady demeanour puts everyone at ease.

7. Colour

Additional to the cut, the colour of your pyjamas needs to reflect your personality, too. While there are plenty of fashionable prints and patterned styles out there, we would suggest having a selection of solid-toned separates. For example, if you’re more of an extrovert and love bold colours, you could pair our 100% Linen Pants in Rust with our Long Sleeve Shirt in Turmeric. Or, if you like minimal colours, stick to matching coloured separates or opt for a colour combination like our Pants in Charcoal and Long Sleeve Shirt in Pinstripe. The possibilities are endless!

8. Extra layers

So you have your pants and top, or slip, but do you need added warmth during those cold evenings and frosty mornings? We would suggest investing in an additional piece like a comfy robe that’ll make you feel like you’re relaxing in a five-star hotel.

On top of taking into consideration all of the above factors when purchasing a robe, you’ll also want to look for one that has plenty of room to move in and is functional. For example, our 100% Linen Waffle Robe makes for the perfect addition during the cooler months. It’s made with a heavy linen fabrication and a textured weave with voluminous sleeves, deep pockets (yes, pockets!) and a simple waist tie so it’s easy to slip in and out of. For the warmer months, our 100% Linen Classic Robe will keep you cool and comfortable. 

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