5 Sleep Tips the Bed Threads Team Swear By for Quality Snooze Every Night

Here at Bed Threads, we take sleep seriously. Why? Because sleep is the epicentre of your overall health and wellbeing, so much so that it’s just as important as eating healthy and exercising.

While you can read countless articles about the many tips that could promote quality sleep, what’s even better is hearing which ones have worked - and haven’t worked - from real people.

This is why we asked our team to reveal the secrets they swear by for quality snooze, night after night.

5 sleep tips the Bed Threads team swear by for quality snooze every night

Genevieve Rosen, Co-Founder

I have always been lucky in that the minute my head hits the pillow I fall asleep, but there are a few things I do throughout the day to try and optimise the quality of those precious eight hours.

No caffeine after 2pm is something I try and work towards (some days it's definitely a work in progress!), low-intensity exercise in the evenings, and cooking a delicious dinner after work are a few ways I like to unwind before getting into bed.

Ashleigh Hogan, Customer Service

I swear by a good hydrating face sheet mask and rose quartz face roller 30 minutes before bed, and I feel completely relaxed. I do this two to three times a week to help rejuvenate and a little bit of self-care for the soul, especially for those busy weeks.

I also put the sheet mask in the fridge overnight so it’s super cooling on the face and helps manage inflammation.

Stephanie Squadrito, Content Manager

Sleep at the times that best suits your body clock, and don't let what other people do phase you! I used to really want to be a morning person – they just always seem so productive and organised. I went through years of waking up at 5.30-6am to try to fit in a workout before work because I thought this is what I should be doing. I still had trouble sleeping at night, so in the end I just became grumpy and endlessly tired.

Now I've realised I need to honour my own body clock. I go to bed late at around 11pm, wake up later around 7.30-8am, do any exercise at nighttime and it suits me much better. Definitely find out which sleep chronotype you are and don't stress about being the first one in the office.

Juna Xu, Journal Editor

I’m a bit of a strange one when it comes to sleep. I’d call myself an early bird as I’m in the gym pumping out a workout at 5.30am because I find this helps boost my mood so I'm more productive during the day. However, I don’t normally fall asleep until 11.30pm, which means I only get an average of six hours of sleep per night. This works for me because I’ve found that if I sleep for longer than seven hours, my energy levels are lower during the day.

I’ve also suffered with insomnia for many years, so it has been a lot of trial and error trying to develop the perfect sleep hygiene that helps manage my sleep issues. While it’s definitely still a work in progress, giving my face a gua sha massage, swapping my laptop screen for a book, practicing acupressure and wearing breathable sleepwear are the four bedtime rituals that have really worked to manage my insomnia. But my biggest tip - and my little secret - definitely has to be sipping on a mug of freshly brewed Chinese Pu’er tea.

When it comes to mornings, I don’t drink coffee (I did warn you I’m strange). I’ve tried countless times to hop on the coffee trend purely because I thought it was “cool”, but I found it heavily affected my already-poor sleep patterns. Instead, I stick to matcha tea to give me an extra kick of energy, which also has a plethora of proven health benefits, can boost your metabolism and promote glowing skin. Need I say more?

Cait Lepla, UX Designer

I'm a night person, and getting more exercise during the day helps to use up excess energy so I'm not wired later. I also like to take a lunchtime walk with exuberant phone calls for the afternoon energy dip, instead of reaching for a coffee. Recently I've been learning about chronotypes and circadian rhythms on TikTok to try and get a better understanding of how to plan the day.

I have also embraced 1980's-era smart home gadgets. I come from Canada, so when I was living there in the winter I got an automatic outlet timer to turn on a lamp in the morning. I also use an automatic North American-style coffee machine on my nightstand, which brews coffee when I'm supposed to wake up. Hello, breakfast in bed!

Need more sleep tips? Head here for everything you need to know about getting quality rest every night.

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