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bridgerton season 3

Dearest lords and ladies of the ton, a new season of the period drama is coming.

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Everything We Know About 'Bridgerton' Season 3

Dearest lords and ladies of the ton, a new season of the period drama is coming.

We’ve barely caught our breath since the release of season two of Bridgerton started streaming on Netflix at the end of March. It was saucy, it was silly, it was a whole lot of glamorous, gorgeous fun.

So it comes as no surprise then, that the streaming platform has renewed Bridgerton for not only a third but a fourth series – with plenty more seasons rumoured to be in the works, especially given the original book series the show is based on runs to eight novels, one for each of the Bridgerton siblings.

But what will the third season of Bridgerton be about? Who will it star and when can we expect it to debut onto Netflix? We have all the answers, dearest reader.

What will season three of Bridgerton be about?

Taking season two of Bridgerton as our guide, you can expect season three of the series to focus on a new couple: brother Benedict and his romantic partner. In the original book series, that partner is Sophie Beckett, whose storyline is Cinderella-esque. Originally from a well-to-do family, she finds herself forced to become a maid at the hands of her evil stepmother, and it is in her capacity as a maid that she finds herself thrown into the path of one Benedict Bridgerton, artist and bachelor.

The third Bridgerton book is called An Offer From A Gentleman, and it follows the long and winding courtship between Sophie and Benedict. The pair meet at one of the Bridgerton famous masked balls, an event that Sophie has snuck into. And because she is wearing a mask, Benedict doesn’t know who she is, and so when they meet officially a few years later, when Sophie is working in a household at which Benedict is a guest – and where he saves her from an unseemly party attendee – he still has no idea of her identity, though Sophie very much is aware of Benedict. She becomes a maid at his mother’s house and grows increasingly close to his siblings, all while stoking the connection the pair have had for years, all of which comes to a head by the end of the book…

Exactly how much of this book plot will make it into the third season remains to be seen, and anyone who has read the second Bridgerton book and watched the new season knows the show’s creators are playing a little fast and loose with their source material. It’s a good guess that more of the subplots from the rest of the family, including Penelope, Eloise, Colin and, now, Edwina Sharma, will make it into this season, too. We can’t wait to find out how they translate this story to the screen.

Who will star in season three of Bridgerton?

As with previous seasons, you can bet that most of the core cast will be returning, in various different capacities and stretches of time. Expect Luke Thompson, who has starred as brother Benedict for the past two seasons, to step into the leading man role here, though Jonathan Bailey’s Anthony Bridgerton will be sure to pop up here and there, as he did in season one.

Also returning will be Phoebe Dynevor as Daphne Bridgerton, Nicola Coughlan as Penelope Featherington, Claudia Jessie as Eloise Bridgerton and Luke Newton as Colin Bridgerton. (In fact, those latter three are likely to become more of a leading role in season three.) We would also be pretty certain that Simone Ashley, who stars in season two as Kate Sharma, will be returning for season three, popping in and out alongside her husband Anthony, especially given book readers know there is a pivotal scene in the second book between Kate and Sophie – we wouldn’t want to be denied the chance to see these two women together in the television series.

More of the secondary cast are likely to return too, including some fan favourites, like Golda Rosheuvel’s Queen Charlotte and Adjoa Andoh’ Lady Danbury.

Who will play Sophie in season three of Bridgerton?

Just like Simone Ashley in season two of Bridgerton, casting Sophie will be one of the biggest tasks for producers. Sophie is a great character and one who constantly keeps Benedict on his toes, and we can’t wait to see the actor that they find to play her. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we hear more.

When will season three of Bridgerton go into production?

Season three is yet to kick into production, but judging on timings from last year, you can expect them to start shortly after the release of season two. Filming could commence in the next few months and likely run to the end of the year. In that instance, we could have a new season of Bridgerton by about this time in 2023. Hurrah!

But we are yet to hear officially about when production will commence, and we’ll keep you posted when anything is announced. Fingers crossed it’s soon.

When will season three of Bridgerton be on Netflix?

Given that filming is yet to start, it’s unlikely that we’ll have a release date for the new series on Netflix any time soon. But a good bet is that a third season will be on the streaming platform next year. We cannot wait.

And what about season four of Bridgerton?

Also confirmed! And also yet to start production, of course. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if they shot the two series together, so we wouldn’t have to wait so long in between? The fourth Bridgerton book, for any inquiring minds at home, is called Romancing Mr Bridgerton and plots the relationship between Colin Bridgerton and one Miss Penelope Featherington, some of which we’ve already seen play out in the series. Needless to say, we can’t wait for a Colin and Penelope romance.

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