Inside the Sun-Drenched Sydney Sanctuary of Artist Claudia Miranda

Welcome to The Makers. Each week, we’re celebrating innovators, artisans and crafters of all types, taking you on a private tour of their creative spaces. For this instalment, we head to the sun-drenched residence of artist and Bed Threads. collaborator Claudia Miranda.

Art is in Claudia Miranda’s blood. The painter—whose one-line portraits have captured the imaginations of collectors and curators from here to the US and beyond—has always felt drawn to the power of art. Her brother is an artist; and today, her favourite pastime is painting with her four-year-old daughter Sofia. Claudia herself has been painting and drawing ever since she was a child, and says art is not only her practice, but her way of life.

Claudia’s home in Sydney, which she moved into two years ago, is a reflection of that creative purpose. The self-described treehouse is where this creative lives and work—it’s an airy, light-filled space, with views all the way down to the ocean. Claudia designed her home with a clear goal in mind: each room must fuel her inspiration and motivation as an artist. Especially the bedroom, which Claudia calls “my temple”.

“It needs to be totally relaxing for a gorgeous deep sleep but also an inspiring place to wake up,” she says. With its overhead skylights, slanted ceiling and minimal, yet impactful decoration, her vision has certainly come to life.

Hi Claudia! This series is called The Makers. What is it that you make?

I make art, I make you have feelings and emotions through experiencing my art. On the surface they are one-line paintings inspired by Picasso, but what I really want is to make you feel.

How does the act of “making” relate to your personality and who you are?

Being a connector and a communicator, I love to co-create. With me, and with nature, and with you, through your eyes. When I paint commission pieces, I take your idea and capture what you are feeling and then I connect the way I’m feeling and together we make art.

When did you start creating art and painting? And what inspired you to go down this route with your career?

My brother is an artist and I’ve been drawing and painting since I was a little girl. I love when my daughter Sofia, who is four, paints alongside me. She is actually the inspiration for my career choice. Whilst I studied art at high school, a neighbour put fear in me, and discouraged making as a viable career path. When I was on maternity leave I rediscovered my love of creativity and fully expressing myself through art. I realised I would always encourage my daughter to always follow her true path. That gave me the courage and desire to truly follow mine. I was then accepted to the National Art School and here I am.

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Talk us through your creative process. Where do you start?

I always start by tuning in to source energy and letting the inspiration flow. I connect to what I actually like to call God through Mother Nature. I want to be in the right mindset to bring something beautiful into the world as we are often bombarded with negative things that are going on. I walk on the beach near my home and on the cliffs. When I have good energy I start. I want to spread that good energy through my work

What’s been the most challenging lesson learnt since you started your business?

Sometimes people would talk about what seemed to be a great opportunity and I would wait for them to make it happen, like an exhibition or collaboration. Almost like I was waiting for their stamp of approval for me to keep going. I realised that I was good enough as I was and kept going on my own. Another path would open and better things would come along as my belief in myself deepened.

What’s been the best thing that’s happened to you since you started your business?

I’ve learnt to trust my instincts and my ability to make the right connections.

Do you have a single piece of advice you’d give to your younger self or someone looking to pursue a creative career?

Incubate your ideas like they are your babies. Don’t hand them out to people who might not take good care of them. Trust in yourself.

Now, the home stuff. How did you initially know this was the space for you?

I opened the door and knew straight away it was mine. I could see the ocean in the distance, feel the breeze and soak in the incredible natural light.

Did you do any renovations or make any big changes after moving in?

It was perfect. I’d like to have more wall space for my art, but at the same time its unusual A-line shape and hugely high ceiling is what I find so attractive about it.

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What was the thought process behind the way you’ve styled the interior?

My home is my inner sanctuary and my studio. I value simplicity and light, so a very neutral palette and minimalist decor. Everything in there I need to really love and take pleasure from.

What are your favourite pieces in the home?

My dining table, my plants and my paintings.

Which is your favourite room in the house?

The living room. I can see the sea, feel the sunshine and just be. It’s also full of plants like an indoor garden.

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What are your top tips for a well-styled bedroom, and home generally?

Keep the colour palette simple and add all the colour and texture through your furnishings and accessories. I add and change up the colour into my bedroom with bold sheets— I can also change them when the mood suits me. It’s so effortless to adjust things that way. It’s the same with candles and scents. They create mood and pleasure instantly but are also something I can change regularly.

Do you have any projects coming up you want to talk about?

I have an online exhibition in the Clare Gallery Double Bay at the moment. It’s my first solo exhibition. In my next project, I will be teaching adults and children with autism to use art as a way to transform their ability to express themselves at Sunnyfield Disability Service.

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For more from Claudia, follow her @claudiamiranda____

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