Sometimes more is more.

| By Kit Kilroy | Interiors

7 Ways to Bring the Bold Danish Décor Trend Into Your Home

Sometimes more is more.

It’s safe to say that just about everyone who cares about interior design is familiar with Scandinavian minimalism. Those simple lines, uncomplicated style and neutral tones have helped to create unburdened, effortless style in homes across the world.

But a new trend in Scandinavian design is on the rise, and unlike its predecessor, it’s a love affair of colour, patterns and play. Dubbed Danish design, this vibrant - if slightly extravagant - interior design trend combines Denmark’s rich tradition of colour with modern materials and simple, artistic design. What’s more, this surging movement is being led by some of the most renowned designers and artists out of the Nordic country.

Despite the careful flashes of colour, thoughtful juxtaposition and haute design that characterises this trend, bringing it into your home is actually simpler than it seems! Here are seven ways you can get on board with Danish design and brighten up your home.

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