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A new season of 'Emily in Paris' and the prequel to 'Yellowstone' will be hitting our screens this festive season.

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12 TV Shows We Can’t Wait to Stream in December

A new season of 'Emily in Paris' and the prequel to 'Yellowstone' will be hitting our screens this festive season.

For Christmas this year, the television gods are gifting you an absolutely enormous month of television. There’s plenty to get excited about at the end of 2022 including action-packed thrillers to star-studded new favourites, and some big returns – Emily in Paris and Gossip Girl, anyone?

We’ve rounded up a selection of 12 new television shows and seasons that will keep you entertained during the month of December.

1. Gossip Girl

Where can I watch it? On BBC

This show is definitely a guilty pleasure, and there’s no time like December to lean in and indulge. Just soak in all the antics of the rich Upper East Side teenagers misbehaving wildly.

2. Slow Horses

Where can I watch it? On AppleTV+

The first season of this espionage thriller was a runaway hit, introducing us to a cast of comic characters and the depressing world of MI6 rejects. The whole gang is back, led by Gary Oldman and Jack Lowden, with a whole new mystery and international fiasco promising to occupy their time. We can’t wait.

3. The Spy Among Friends

Where can I watch? On Britbox

Fans of period dramas and slow-burning capers will be obsessed with this series, based on the true story of the British spies who became double agents for the Russian KGB. Damian Lewis and Guy Pearce headline this taut miniseries, which is a perfect weekend binge.

4. Little America, Season 2

Where can I watch it? On AppleTV+

This anthology series has serious filmmaking pedigree behind it: created by Alan Yang and Kumail Nanjiani, written by Emily V Gordon (The Big Sick) and with some episodes directed by Sian Heder, the filmmaker who made last year’s Oscar-winning Best Picture Coda. The second season comes out this month, dedicated to unveiling more heartwarming true stories of immigrant communities across the US.

5. National Treasure: Edge of History

Where can I watch it? On Disney+

If you loved National Treasure as a kid, get ready to fall in love with this new television show on Disney+. Nicolas Cage won’t be appearing this season, though he has been confirmed to appear in the second season of the show. It will instead focus on a new set of swashbuckling characters, led by Lisette Alexis as Jess Valenzuela, who discovers that a long unsolved mystery might hold the key to her missing father.

6. The Recruit

Where can I watch it? On Netflix

Noah Centineo, one of the breakout stars of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, headlines The Recruit, a new spy thriller on Netflix. Centineo plays Owen, a new starter at the CIA whose first week at the agency is full of chaos, intrigue and destruction, as he attempts to get to the bottom of a plot to uncover the secrets of the agency.

7. 1923

Where can I watch it? On Paramount+

There’s some serious star power in this new series: Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren play Jacob and Cara Dutton, as their ranching empire takes flight. Recognise the name Dutton? Yes, this is yet another prequel to the smash-hit show Yellowstone, taking place in the 1920s in the era of prohibitions, the Great Depression, pandemics and drought.

8. Emily in Paris, Season 3

Where can I watch it? On Netflix

The third season of Emily in Paris hits streaming this month, and not a moment too soon. We’ve been missing the antics of everyone’s favourite Midwestern marketing manager abroad. Lily Collins returns as Emily, a Chicago transplant falling more and more in love with Paris by the day, and this season all of your favourite characters also return, including Emily’s best friend Mindy, her will-they-won’t-they love interest Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), his on-again-off-again girlfriend Camille (Camille Razat) and Emily’s new boyfriend Alfie (Lucien Laviscount). Phew! There’s a lot going on this season. Will Emily stay in Paris or return to Chicago? Will she end up with Alfie or Gabriel? This is perfect Christmas streaming.

9. Jack Ryan

Where can I watch it? On Prime Video

John Krasinski is back as an analyst trying to save the world in this hit Prime Video series based on the bestselling Tom Clancy novel. This is the third outing for Krasinski in the role, and you can stream the others on Prime Video to catch up. Expect lots of fight sequences and tense negotiations.

10. Alice In Borderland

Where can I watch it? On Netflix

There’s another season coming of this very popular Japanese action thriller, which has been compared to Squid Game. The premise is similar: three young gamers find themselves in a parallel Tokyo, where they have to take part in games and obstacle courses – with sadistic twists – in order to escape with their lives.

11. The Witcher: Blood Origin

Where can I watch it? On Netflix

While The Witcher fans wait for a new series of their favourite show – this time with Liam Hemsworth and not Henry Cavill in the title role – Netflix is unveiling this origin series. Michelle Yeoh stars as the leader of a group of outcasts attempting to bring down the leading forces of an evil empire, events that take place some thousand years before the original series.

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