The Ultimate Guide to Decorating Your Bedroom

They say that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes, but once you've moved in, we can all agree: there's no space more important than your bedroom.

As we all know, a good night’s sleep is fundamental to our health and wellbeing, and the bedroom provides a sanctuary into which we retreat for a little peace, so it makes sense to create a room which is truly yours. Consider this your how-to with these 5 simple tips.

Start with a neutral canvas

There's a reason whites and neutrals are perennial favourites when it comes to bedroom styling. Soft neutrals keep things fresh all year round, and white walls (and accents) makes the room appear larger than it actually is. This is ideal if you live in a small space. Of course, these also make for a calming, serene atmosphere, while creating a blank canvas for bolder highlights — think statement linens and soft furnishings, which can be changed as the seasons do.

Dress your walls with art

Find something you love — truly — that sparks joy every time you see it. Find the perfect spot for it, whether that's above your bed, or in sight from the moment you wake up, and coordinate your other accents around it. Beautiful art doesn't have to be expensive—search Etsy, Instagram, or our print collection for an affordable option.

Turn your bed into a statement

Although your bed is a practical necessity, it's also the focal point of the room, so why not ensure that it is a showstopper? Dress your bed in layers of linen, invest in plump pillows and a comfortable duvet, and choose furniture— whether it's a headboard, side-tables, or statement lamps — to complement the one true essential of this room.

When in doubt, add plants

Bring life to your bedroom in the form of actual living things: plants. Greenery adds a sense of wellness and a calming element to your sanctuary, no matter the type. While large monsteras or fiddle leaf figs are always the top pick, rooms with less sunlight can opt for a hardy pothos to drape over furniture.

Expand your space

If your ceilings are low or you sapce is especially tight, invest in an oversized statement mirror and find the perfect spot to place it in. This will create the illusion that your room is bigger than it actually is. Our top tip? Place it opposite a window to reflect light and really extend the space.

Enjoyed this? This is how to makeover your bedroom on a budget.

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