These 13 Dining Rooms Make Us Want to Throw a Dinner Party

Going out is fine, but you know what's even better? Staying in. There's nothing better than having a few friends over for dinner, or hosting your preferred relatives for a weekend brunch. Bonding time, delicious food, lenient dress code, what's not to love?

Food is obviously the most important element to any dinner party, otherwise it's just a party—which is great, but also a recipe for hungry people drinking too much organic wine and realising they've missed the boat on ordering from the good pizza shop.

After the meal, the second most important part of a dinner party has to be the ambience. To elevate your home dining experience, consider how your home's décor affects the mood, focussing on the dining room specifically.

Whether you're living in a tiny apartment and merely dreaming of a dedicated dining space, or seeking inspiration for your own dining room in the lead-up to your next soirée, keep these 13 exquisite dining rooms in mind.

Above: Home cook Jessica Nguyen knows how to throw a dinner party to remember—just look at the spread at her Melbourne home. When considering the décor in your own dining space, don't forget about plants! If your dining room gets natural sunlight and the space to house an indoor plant, it your duty to do so. The greenery will make the space feel friendly and alive.

Above: The simplicity of the dining room inside the home of Hannah Carrick makes full use of colour and greenery. The impact of oversized artwork is worth considering, even in a smaller space.

Above: Bifold doors open onto a mini rainforest of ferns and greenery at the Sydney home of Charlotte Ree. It would be tempting to fill the space with a bigger table, but the open space is what makes this dining room so special. Just because you could fill a space, doesn't mean you should. Investing in an extendable dining table and spare foldable chairs allows you the flexibility to entertain guests when you want to without having a grand dining table in the way the rest of the time.

Above: Ornately patterned dining chairs and a polished wooden table at the home of artist Leah Fraser. The rustic centrepiece—shells, crystals, flowers—offsets the formality of the antiques in the space, making the unique space inviting and perfect for a relaxed, sprawling dinner with friends old and new.

Above: The dining room at the home of Newcastle-based artist Lauren Freestone conjures the warm, sandy tones of the Australian landscape. Clean spaces that are full of light are ideal for day-to-night affairs with large groups, like lunch with the extended family that inevitably turns into evening snacks and more wine (and perhaps a little karaoke.)

Above: The picturesque scene inside the home and vacation property of Jemima Aldridge demonstrates that simplicity is key. Four Thonet Le Corbusier chairs around a simple, clothed table are a comforting centrepiece for this refined dining room.

Above: The approachable open-plan dining-living space at the Byron Bay home of artist Jordana Henry balances farmhouse style with coastal mid-century chic, perfect for a hearty home-cooked meal with your nearest and dearest.

Above: Consider an oversized industrial mirror beside your dining table, inspired by the impeccably curated home of Talisa Sutton. A simple, stylish, four-seat dining table will take you from solo work mornings right through to cosy dinners with your partner and perhaps one or two lucky others.

Above: Country comfort meets modern chic at the Byron Bay home of Courtney Adamo. Close access to the kitchen here means the cook is never too far from the action. If you are looking to make a serious investment for your dining room, these Thonet bentwood chairs will never go out of style.

Above: Bench seating is a great way to add versatility to your dining space. Accompanying the beautiful angular table set at the home of artist Ashleigh Holmes, an oversized painting placed against the wall makes a joyful backdrop for lively dinner conversation.

Above: Like so many dining rooms nowadays, the space at the home of artist Prudence Caroline doubles as a home office space during the day. When it comes to entertaining guests, a round dining table affords a more relaxed mood and added versatility for different group sizes. Don't be afraid to mix and match your dining chairs—the combination of colours, fabrics and styles here balance beautifully with the light-filled space and brighten the mood.

Above: Vintage Cesca chairs around a smaller table make this dining nook ideal for intimate catch-ups for your favourite few. The colour palette here at the home of vintage curator Yvonne Starr is warm and inviting.

Above: Take inspiration from the mix-and-match approach to dining room furniture at the Melbourne home of artist Kayleigh Heydon. The collection of antique wooden chairs balances the heaviness of the industrial-style dining table, and ties in nicely to the home's wood-clad walls.

Above: This travertine table adds luxury and interest to the refined dining room inside the home of influencer Lisa Danielle. With proximity to the kitchen and the garden, this is the ideal spot for a spontaneous celebration with loved ones over a delicious dinner.

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