16 Essential Home Items to Get You Through Winter

The word 'winter' conjures up images of freezing mornings, lack of sunlight, rain and wind, dry flaky skin and too many hours spent hibernating indoors. It's safe to say winter definitely gets a bad rap.

However, there are plenty of positives associated with the cooler months. As chilly as it may be, it gives us an excuse to invest in luxuriously warm and cosy essential home items so you can transform your space into an inviting bunker to hibernate in until the weather starts to warm up again. From cashmere goods to plush towels, here are 16 important home items that will get you through winter this year — and many more to come.

15 Essential Home Items to Get You Through Winter

1. A snuggly blanket or throw

On the bed as an extra layer of warmth, draped over the living room couch as an accessory or wrapped around you like a cosy blanket, there’s no denying the fact that a throw is a winter (and all-round home) essential.

Our luxuriously thick linen throws come in a range of our most popular hues that will feed warmth and energy into any setting to create a cosy, homely environment.

2. A slow cooker

Comfy food and stews are a necessity in winter, and a slow cooker will help you get that incredible melt-in-your-mouth result with every meal you cook. We suggest looking for one that has a PFOA-free non-stick coating, which will not only make cleaning up easier but also will ensure no nasty toxins get stirred into your food. Plus, did you know cooking can help boost your mood? It's a grounding activity that gets you out of your own head while also connecting with your body. All the more reason to whip up a feast, right?

3. Cashmere pants

Look, we can't rate our 100% cashmere pants highly enough, and that's because we want you to experience what luxury really feels like. On super cold nights, they'll keep you extra warm in bed, and you'll without a doubt be the chicest person walking around the house. Plus, they're soft enough to not even irritate a baby's sensitive skin, so rest assured there'll be no itchy feelings here.

4. Dryer balls

Unfortunately, your washing simply doesn’t dry as fast in winter. So, if you’re finding you’re using your dryer more but want to save money and electricity — while also making your clothes smell fresher — invest in some dryer balls.

5. A plant

Not only do indoor plants look beautiful, but they can help foster a connection to the outdoors and brighten the mood — especially when you're hibernating inside and feeling low during the cooler months. Studies have even shown that plants are effective at absorbing and purifying toxins in the air. They’re decor, they’re wellness - they’re just a bit of everything, really. Just be sure you place it next to a window or somewhere that catches those daylight sun rays!

6. A warm robe

Our 100% linen waffle robes will keep you cosy early in the morning and before bed in the evenings. It features a midi length, waist tie and wide-fit sleeves, making it perfect as an extra layer of warmth to wear on top of your other sleepwear pieces. You'll spend your nights, weekends and WFH days wrapped in your ultra-soft robe. You literally won’t want to take it off.

7. Essential oils and a diffuser

Scent is a powerful tool that helps relax your mind and connect with your personal space. So, help lift your spirits on those cold mornings while lulling you to sleep at night by diffusing some essential oils. Just press set, forget and enjoy the calming scents that waft through your room.

8. Luxurious bed linen

We all know linen sheets are perfect for keeping you cool during those warm summer nights — it’s light, breathable and perfect for sweaty sleepers. But what do you do when winter rolls around? While you might pack away your lightweight linens in favour of flannelette, it turns out there's no need to stash away your linen bedding until summer rolls around again. Linen is great at creating a comfortable and cosy bed year-round. Yep, even in the middle of winter. Can't decide which colour to get? Our new Olive Stripe is the perfect hue for the cooler months.

9. Bed socks

Keeping your feet warm during the winter months can help keep your overall health in check during a time when your body is more susceptible to seasonal coughs and colds, but did you know sleeping with warm socks on can help improve your sleep quality? Yes, it's a tried and tested sleep hack, which you can read all about here.

10. A ceramic vase

Nothing injects a dose of happiness into a room quicker than a spectacular ceramic vase filled with fresh flowers. A beautiful ceramic will add dimension to any room, especially if it's handmade. The only problem is, a good quality one that will be with you forever, can leave quite a heavy dent in your wallet. If you're able to splash upwards of $1000 on a vase, then by all means, go for it! But if not, then that's more than okay because there are still ceramic pieces you can purchase that don’t have completely unattainable price tags, yet are still incredibly beautiful. Simply shop our handcrafted, timeless pieces here.

11. Plush towels

There's nothing like stepping out of a steaming hot shower and wrapping yourself in an ultra-plush towel. Our 100% waffle linen towels are heavy-weight and quick-drying so you don't freeze while making the transition into your sleepwear. As an added benefit, a fresh set of towels will instantly elevate your bathroom to feel like a five-star hotel.

12. A rug for your cold feet

Placing your feet onto chilled floorboards is definitely a no-go for us. Pick a snug rug will not only make your feet content, but it'll up the cosiness levels of any room, too.

13. A tough moisturiser

Cold air, dry indoor heat and harsh winter wind can leave your skin looking a lot less radiant than normal — not only on your face, but your entire body. Invest a few dollars in a good quality moisturiser for your body, which should be applied as soon as you step out of your shower. Then, keep a tough hand moisturiser on your desk and bedside table so you never have to deal with cracked, sore hands. When it comes to your face, we recommend this beauty editor's winter skincare routine, which will leave you with glowing, smooth and hydrated skin.

14. A long shirt

Whether you're lazing around your home, in bed or even ducking out to get groceries, a linen shirt is a staple you'll be living in all winter (and summer) long. Like we've said above, linen keeps you warm when the temperature drops, despite it being such a light and breathable fabric. You can check out our long sleeve shirts in a range of our most popular colours.

15. Chic placemats

You might be hibernating indoors but that doesn't mean you have to miss out on being wined and dined. Jazz up every meal you have at home — whether your hosting a dinner with friends and family or enjoying a meal by yourself — with some colourful and fun placemats. Our Scalloped placemats will do just the trick so much so it'll feel like you're dining at a five-star restaurant every night.

16. A dreamy travel book

Do you wish you could be relaxing on the beach somewhere in Europe? Yeah, same. To help you feel like you're somewhat on that holiday, pick up a travel book filled with beautiful imagery. We're currently filling every spare moment flicking through the pages of our Assouline collection. From Athens to Marrakesh, prepare to be inspired.

The cooler months can really dampen your mood, so to ensure you're going to bed and waking up feeling your absolute best, it's important your bedroom is designed to boost your mental health. Here's exactly how to reorganise your room for a stress-free and calm mind.

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