Flannel Flowers and 6 Other Trending Florals That Will Be Everywhere in 2020

Each year tends to produce a distinctive aesthetic to be remembered by. It's why we can instantly conjure up a vivid image of the early 2000s or 90s in our minds, with fashion, interior and even hair trends all coming to mind. It's no different in the world of styling, in particular, the floral variety. While we'd be happy to receive any sort of bouquet in the mail, these are the top seven flowers that we're seeing everywhere this year.


With an almost endless variety of tones available, anthuriums have stood the test of time and have prevailed as one of the most versatile flowers to style with. There's also been a huge surge in pots of this particular plant if you'd like to grow your very own supply of fresh blooms.



Australian natives are very close to all of our hearts and remind us of the great nation we all call home. From eucalyptus leaves to delicate kangaroo paws, natives will never go out of fashion and always look brilliant in a vase together.



The rise of flower arranging is on the rise, as Japanese Ikebana has made its way into our Insta feeds and clever ceramicists create new vessels for flower play. Daisies are high on the trending list this year for their dainty appearance and sunny tones that make every day a bit better.


Bunny tails

With a fuzzy appearance resembling that of a cute rabbit, these neutral-toned stems are popping up everywhere in our feeds. We've even used them in our very own photoshoots to fill handmade ceramic vases for a touch of boho charm.


Flannel flowers

Flannel flowers boast light sage-green stems and stunning white flowers that effortless cascade in a bunch and they're no doubt one of the year's most recognisable flowers. Whenever we can get our hands on a bunch, we love to arrange them in a vase or vessel for a delicate, wild aesthetic.


Dried palms

Dried flowers, especially palms and tropical varieties, are perfect for those who don't like to replace their arrangements every other week. Long-lasting and effortlessly chic, a dried stem is the ultimate statement piece.



We can't get enough of orchids in our shoots and on our dining room table, and judging by our Instagram feed, you can't either. They're the elegant flower that can stun with a single stem and is available in a dazzling array of colours to suit your mood and interior scheme. We predict the orchid will be trending for years to come.


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