Become a Yogi at Home With These 7 (Free!) Yoga Apps We Love Right Now

As a recent convert to the world of yoga and meditation, I can easily see why these exercises have been practised worldwide for thousands of years, with a huge surge in popularity recently as the power of breathing and stretching has caught on with the masses. As much as I love being surrounded by likeminded yogis in a gym studio and the connected energy we share, I've enjoyed working solo at home with the help of a few guided apps that help to keep me on track and connected during this time. Whether you're a fully-fledged yogi or just looking to get your feet wet, refer to the list below for the best (free!) apps to get started at home.

Yoga | Down Dog

Completely free until May 1, Down Dog has a staggering sixty-thousand different configurations which means you'll never have to repeat a workout. That means you can slowly build up your confidence each time you hit the mat, honing your skills along the way. For beginners, there's a three-day Intro to Yoga series which will help to give you the confidence to make your way through the app at your own pace. Six unique voices will make it feel like you're at a different class every time.

Yoga-Go: Train at Home

From exercises that target your back, abs, or legs, Yoga-Go's video tutorials make it easy to focus on areas of your body that are tense or in pain. If you're looking for an app that can function as an all-in-one health app, the healthy meal recipes and progress tracker make Yoga-Go a winner.

Yoga Wave

If gaining strength and flexibility are high on your yoga wishlist, then download Yoga Wave immediately. The workouts on the app are 100% personalised that adapt to your level, so you'll never feel left behind. This app has been designed to take care of your body and mind all at once and help you to build daily practices that keep you feeling balanced.

Glo: Yoga & Meditation

With yoga, mat Pilates, and meditation as focus areas, Glo's beautiful interface and personalised recommendations could rival an in-person class. With sixteen styles of yoga, Pilates and meditation for all levels, it's easy to find classes that fit in seamlessly with your schedule and fitness level from the built-in program. There's even soothing sleep poses and meditation for those needing help with dozing off.

Daily Yoga

If you're after an app that breaks every pose step by step, Daily Yoga is the one for you. By practising every pose along the way, you'll naturally improve your technique and move through the classes easily. With top coaches on board to keep you motivated as well as a community of users, this is the perfect start to your new life as a yogi.

Yoga Studio: Mind & Body

Yoga Studio's carefully curated collections such as Earth Meditation and Beginner Essentials make it super simple to find a place to start. Crisp and clear video explanations will allow you to nail each pose in your workout, and custom classes are available to create if you'd like to spend more time on certain exercises. The in-built schedule is a stroke of genius, meaning you can fit in a yoga class around your commitments.

Yogaia: Yoga & Meditation

Combining yoga, meditation and fitness, this app even has live yoga classes where you can turn your camera on and receive feedback right there and then. From five-minutes right up to an hour or more, Yogaia's video library is the place to turn to increase your fitness level and clear your mind.

Stuck at home? These are the 9 apartment-friendly workout apps we're obsessed with right now.

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