Try This Trending Pinterest Hack to Keep Your Houseplants Thriving

When you think of your morning coffee, you're probably imagining a magical elixir that's capable of bringing life back into your tired mind every morning. I swear by a morning brew to keep myself on track for the day and often prepare my own to bring along for the daily commute. If you also love the taste of a homemade coffee, you're not alone. While scrolling through my Pinterest feed I stumbled on a new way to keep houseplants happy—coffee! No, it's not because the caffeine will give you the energy to tend to your leafy companions. Coffee grounds are actually a great source of organic matter to help acid-loving plants thrive and even keep nasty pests away.

Acid-loving plants

There are heaps of plant types that prefer to live in an acidic soil mix. Included in that list are hydrangeas, rhododendrons, azaleas, lily of the valley, blueberries and carrots, to name a few. All of these species can benefit from a boost provided by coffee grounds that you might have leftover or aren't to your liking anymore. It's worth noting that not all plants will love you tossing your coffee grounds in their pot, including tomatoes that should definitely remain caffeine-free. Do some research on what species you've got at home and if they'll benefit from some bean therapy.

Natural fertiliser

To get the most out of your leftover grounds, cool them and apply directly to the soil in your pot plants. Either push them just below the surface or sprinkle on top of the soil (if you don't have any nosey pets around). You can also mix the used grounds with water and let it steep like tea overnight. You'll then have your very own liquid fertiliser for your indoor garden.

Goodbye pests

Do you have a problem with pesky snails or bugs eating away at your precious houseplants? There's nothing worse than waking up and seeing a new leaf that's been chomped through overnight. Coffee grounds can actually act as an abrasive barrier to prevent certain types of garden pests and it's definitely worth giving it a try. As coffee grounds vary in acidity and strength, you may need to incorporate other pest control products as well to truly eradicate the issue.

For more houseplant advice, these tips will make you the best plant parent you can be.

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