7 Unexpected Things to Consider When Choosing Bedding Colours

So you’ve made the executive decision to invest in linen sheets – go you! But now comes the difficult part: Choosing the right colours. It can seem nearly impossible to narrow your choice down, especially when weighing up the different combinations you have saved on Instagram and Pinterest.

Here, we’ve rounded up the things you actually need to consider when choosing the perfect colour combination for your bed, so you can spend less time scrolling for inspo and more time getting that quality shut-eye.

7 things to consider when choosing bedding colours

1. Size of your room

Do you have a small bedroom? You can easily make it feel bigger by using lighter colours as these reflect more light and make the space feel more open. If you’re not sold on sticking to white alone, neutrals like our Oatmeal, Fog or Pinstripe are a great way to add another level of sophistication and tranquility.

Conversely, if you have too much open space and want to make your bedroom feel cosier, darker hues like Olive, Charcoal and Ink will fill the emptiness.

2. Lighting

Which direction are your bedroom’s windows facing? Dark colours work best in north-facing rooms, while lighter colours look better in bright south-facing spaces. If you have a west-facing room, sunset hues can do wonders.

If your room has little to no natural light, choosing a dark hue like Charcoal will give your sleep haven an intimate and grandeur feeling.

3. Overall home decor

You definitely need to think about the rest of your house when choosing linen colours. Do you have a colour scheme at home? If Scandi minimalism is your home’s vibe, then neutral sheets such a White, Fog and Oatmeal will be for you.

If your house is a maximalist dream and has checkerboard or grandmillennial vibes with plenty of bold colour accents and bright details, you need to try the Turmeric, Khaki or Rust sheets.

4. Your sleep goal

As we all know, colours play a huge role in shaping our mood and behaviour, so taking the time to consider how you want to feel in your bedroom should be a top priority. Do you want to feel happy in the bedroom? Serene? Motivated? Generally speaking, the most calming colours are blues, greens and neutrals. If you’re looking for colours that’ll make you feel joyful (especially when your alarm clock goes off in the morning), yellow and orange can do the trick.

Here at Bed Threads, we don’t sell any colours that will disrupt your sleep patterns. For example, while red is associated with anger and can be disruptive for those who have trouble sleeping, our more muted tones such as Rust or Lavender are cosy and inviting.

5. Poly or monochromatic

Choosing a bedding set with all elements in the same colour is a great way to style your bed. However, if sticking to one colour is too Plain Jane for you, the alternative is to choose two or three complementary colours throughout your set.

We love mixing and matching colours here at Bed Threads - just take a look at our Instagram and Pinterest for some potential colour combination ideas.

Some of our favourite combinations include Pinstripe and Fog, Mineral and Sage, Terracotta with Rosewater and Lavender, and White with basically any other colour. You can use our fully-customisable Build-Your-Own-Bundle to design the perfect coloured bed for you.

6. The season

It goes without saying that bright colours like yellows and oranges evoke a summer feeling, while deeper colours such as blues and greys are more winter hues.

Stuck on ideas? Terracotta, Turmeric and Rosewater combined are perfect for those long summer days, and Petrol and Fog will keep you cosy during the cooler months.

You could also keep White sheets as a staple throughout the year, and interchange between a summer and winter colour with your Whites, according to the season.

7. Your personality (or star sign)

It turns out your star sign does play a role in determining what colour linen sheets you should opt for.

Astrologer Natalie Benson previously told Bed Threads Journal that it’s all about fresh White linen for minimal Virgos, adventurous Sagittarians will love the soothing power of Sage, while grounded Taureans will thrive sleeping in earthy Rust.

Still undecided? Here's the ideal linen colour for you, according to your interior style.

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