You Might Live In A Studio, But Here's How To Create Your Very Own Library At Home

Are you a big reader in a small apartment? We love a good book as much as the next bibliophile, and understand the deep connection that can develop after spending time thumbing the pages and transporting yourself into the worlds and characters of your favourite tales. If you’re like us and love the traditional feeling of the paper between your fingers and that new book smell, then you’ve probably accumulated quite the book collection over the years. As they’ve become valuable heirlooms, discarding them is out of the question. So, how do you fit your very own library into your tiny apartment? Read on.


The hallway is an underrated area of the home that can actually be really beneficial for anyone short on floor space. Make use of a hallway with floating shelves that you can stack high to the ceiling that will not only give you heaps of room to store all your favourites but it will also create a feature out of a blank hallway. If it's wide enough, you could even incorporate a bookcase or cabinet for extra storage.


Room divider

Room dividers are a great way to zone off different areas of a studio apartment. They're also a fantastic opportunity to incorporate a library into your apartment. Instead of choosing something that will close off the space, opt for a sleek system with shelves to stack your books high. That way you can access all of your titles from both sides too!


In your bed

If we had all of our newest books right there in our bed then it would it even easier to unwind after a long day. If you've got a storage bed, consider using the space to house books so that you don't even have to move the covers to start a new one. If you're particularly handy, you could knock up a headboard with secret shelves to keep your book, teacup and anything else you need for a good night's rest.


Cover the entire wall!

If you've got the freedom to do it, we recommend creating your own library in the living room that will make you feel like you've stepped inside a scene from Hogwarts. With some affordable and clever open shelving, it's entirely possible to deck out your room in floor-to-ceiling stacks of books. The question is, do you have enough books to fill it?


Unused nooks

Have you got any quirky nooks or an unused fireplace in your studio? Instead of leaving them empty, get creative with some shelves or stacks of your best books to give the area purpose and yourself a place to show off your collection.


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