7 Steps That Will Take Your At-Home Bath to a Luxurious New Level

The ritual of bathing can be more than just basic personal hygiene. If you are lucky enough to have a bathtub at home, you really should be treating yourself to highly luxurious baths on a regular basis. If you aren't, it is absolutely vital that you keep reading.

Just picture this: you light a stick of Ayu Patchouli Incense and hear the quiet crackle of Moon Bath Milk & Honey Sundance Sea Bathing Salt dissolving in a tub of steaming hot water. You hang a Bed Threads 100% French Flax Linen waffle bath towel and linen robe somewhere close by and press play on a relaxing podcast or mellow playlist. Things are about to get extremely relaxing up in here.

Despite what your inner demons and/or boomer parents might say, you really don't need to feel guilty about taking time for yourself. Luxuriating in a bath every now and then (or regularly) is really just a concentrated form of self care—and we all know how important that is when it comes to maintaining our overall health and wellness.

With just few simple and inexpensive changes to your bath-time arsenal, you can easily have your own luxury spa experience without ever leaving the house.

Follow our seven-step guide below and transform your basic bath into the self-care ritual you deserve.

1. Put a ban on technology*

We all struggle "switching off", some more than others, and it is vital to give yourself the very best chance to reach that zen state you so deserve. Leave your phone, tablet, laptop, smart watch and anything else that beeps and buzzes in another room. Now is not the time for the clutter and stimulation that being online brings. *Except, of course, if you'd like some tunes to accompany your chill-out session...

2. Select your soundtrack

Press play on some music that is conducive to relaxation. Nothing fast or too loud, which means no death metal or hardcore rap. Sorry. Instead, take your pick from ambient soundscapes, smooth disco, movie soundtracks, laid-back R&B, '90s ballads—basically whatever chills you out and keeps you that way for at least an hour or so.

Or, if you are soothed by podcasts, cue up an episode or three of a relaxing podcast. Or, if you find the ambient noise of your natural environment at all relaxing, skipping the added soundtrack may actually help you shift into relaxation mode.

It's important to keep your device out of arm's reach and on silent to avoid distractions, so plug her in somewhere far from the bath. You might also be tempted to stream some episodes of your favourite series while you soak, but the experience will be more effective if you are not looking at a screen the entire time.

3. Run your bath, add a sprinkle of salt

While the water's running, use a dry body brush to exfoliate. Then, to instantly elevate your bath experience, get yourself some therapeutic bath salts. We are so excited to welcome Moon Bath range to our Bathe. by Bed Threads range. The female-founded beauty brand is devoted to celebrating wellness and slow living through the ritual of bathing. The Moon Bath Milk & Honey Sundance Sea Bathing Salt contains sea salt, honey crystals, dehydrated coconut milk, plus essential oils of frankincense, lavender and bergamot.

3. Hydrate!

Keep a carafe of water nearby, and don't forget the sliced cucumber! Or lemon, or lime, or strawberries. This is your time and your choice of fresh flavour. In addition, prepare yourself a pot of herbal tea. Chamomile or lavender are both excellent options to aid relaxation. While you sip, spend a few minutes doing some relaxing breathing exercises.

4. Set the mood

Dim the lights, or turn them off completely, Then, light a candle or burn some incense—or both! Just as long as the scents complement one another. We recommend Ayu Patchouli Incense Sticks for creating the right mood for a relaxing bath. Now is the perfect time to meditate. Close your eyes and get to it.

5. Treat yourself

Next, why not a face mask and hair treatment? Do your own DIY face mask using ingredients from your kitchen, or go luxe with Moon Bath Cosmic Clay Face Mask & Brush and as for your hair, we love Ayu Ceremony Hair Oil. Warm a handful between your palms and then massage from roots to ends. Twist your hair into a knot while you continue relaxing, but be sure to shampoo and condition once you're done. Since you've used a dry body brush already, go ahead and use a body scrub

6. Rinse and dry

Once you transition out of peak relaxation mode you'll feel refreshed and filled to the brim with calm energy. Rinse off under running water, then reach for one of your good towels. No, not that discoloured beige beauty that's been kicking around since your first share house. Now is the time for Bed Threads 100% Linen waffle bath towels. Did you know that they're naturally moisture-wicking and lightly exfoliating?

7. Get comfy

Finally, slip into a Bed Threads linen robe while you (gently) tidy up. While you're momentarily busy, sneak in a quick 10-minute oil pulling session and then put your tongue cleaner to work. Be sure to crack a window or leave the fan on to allow your bathroom time to dry off completely. Now is definitely not the time to dwell on it, but bacteria thrives in dampness. Complete the self-care cycle with a full body moisturiser. Our recommendation? Moon Bath Every Body Grounding Body Oil. Take another sip of water. Then go and live your best life.

Enjoyed this? From towels to toothbrushes, this is exactly how often to replace everything in your bathroom.

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