More Than 900 Interior Designers Agree These 4 Colours Will Trend This Year

After the year that was 2020, we've had the chance to hit the reset button and welcome a fresh outlook. According to the first-ever CB2 Nest in Design report, this has translated into the colour palettes people will be styling their homes with this year.

The report, which surveyed over 900 interior designers, found that 62% of designers predict mineral-inspired shades to be the colours of choice in 2021, specifically highlighting four hues: Mercury, Olivine, Ochre and Clay.

“We’re about to see a major shift - calming neutrals swapped for a more cheerful and energetic design language,” the report reads. “Because positive affirmations in the mirror can only do so much.”

As we all know the colours you surround yourself with play a vital role in affecting your thinking, mood and behaviour. For example, yellow is associated with happiness and optimism, while red is often associated with aggression and energy. So, if you’re in need of a boost of serotonin this year, here’s how you can incorporate one - or a combination - of CB2’s uplifting top four hues into your interiors.

The top trending colours of 2021, chosen by over 900 interior designers

1. Mercury

The power of this intriguing colour varies vastly depending on how it’s used in a space. For example, it can contribute to a dark and comforting atmosphere when used as a wall colour or it can be uplifting as an accent colour.

Mix Mercury with soft colours and neutrals for a classic look, or bright colours such as pinks and oranges for a modern look.

It’s also the perfect colour to combine with white if you’re after a refreshing coastal vibe. Otherwise, if relaxed French-country is what you’re after, then combine it with soft yellows.

In the bedroom with Bed Threads: Pair Petrol with Drift, Mineral or Ink.

2. Olivine

The calming and grounding colour of Olive has the ability to connect you to the natural world from the comfort of your own home.

Greener than Khaki and earthier than Emerald, Olive feels cosy in winter and lively in summer. It can be paired together with a range of colours, from pastel pinks to browns, burnt orange hues and neutrals. Try jazzing it up with luxurious velvet furniture and brass accents or mellowing it with organic wooden pieces.

In the bedroom with Bed Threads: Stick with Olive alone for a bolder look or pair it with Sage to create softness.

3. Ochre

Ochre falls between a golden yellow and light brown, reflecting the colours of the earth. It can help a space feel both elegant and exclusive or warm and welcoming, depending on how it’s incorporated into a space.

To instantly add vitality into a room with minimal effort, add touches of Ochre through small details via cushions or vases.

In the bedroom with Bed Threads: Try Rust, Terracotta and Turmeric.

4. Clay

Clay is the perfect alternative to beige and brown as it’s able to add a touch of casual elegance to any room. It’s a surprisingly versatile tone that can be added in homes with a coastal, retro, boho or even minimal style.

Fully commit to Clay through accent walls and large rugs, or subtly incorporate it into a space via plant pots, a throw or cushions.

In the bedroom with Bed Threads: Pink Clay can be used alone or paired with Lavender.

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Looking for more colour inspiration? Here are six more hues to keep your eye on in 2021.

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