Last Minute Gifts For Those People You Haven't Thought Of (Yet)

Growing up, I thought that a ‘present cupboard’ was a typical household occurrence. The type of common regularity you would find in your average suburban household, just like a deep-freeze or a dodgy-looking tire swing in the backyard.

The ‘present cupboard’, as tokened by my Grandmother, was located in a closet, tucked away in one of the bedrooms, where she would fritter away small, reasonably priced trinkets and other miscellaneous gifts. Over the years, whenever she spotted something that “looked like a good gift”, she would buy it and pop it in the cupboard to await its yet-to-be-decided recipient.

As a typical child, I, of course, thought the idea of a cupboard full of presents was a wondrous thing - the kind of tradition I’d most certainly continue once I reached adulthood. No matter how late the invitation, how chaotic the week, or forgetful the mind, there was always something to be found in that cupboard that meant never turning up empty-handed.

However, as I morphed into my adult life, I came to learn that a ‘present cupboard’ isn’t as typical as I once thought. And, based on the spatial realities of my current apartment, isn’t likely something I’ll have the room for in the near - or probably distant - future.

Despite the slightly unrealistic implications of a real-life ‘present cupboard’, its lessons have stuck with me - it’s now just a digital process. Any time I spot a sweet or special something, I save it to my ‘Present’ Pinterest board. Then, when the inevitable happens, I can avoid present-panic because I’ve got a pre-populated list of things to pick from that I know anyone in my life will love.

So, whether it’s a last-minute invitation, a Kris Kringle call-up or you’ve just found out your new-ish partners mum will be ‘popping by’ on Christmas day, keep reading for our list of gifts suitable to have on hand (or pinned) for every short notice, gifting occasion.

Rose England x Bed Threads 'Peony' Print

Exclusively for Bed Threads, this sage green and dusty lavender illustration by Rose England will looking beautiful in any space.

Oatmeal 100% Flax Linen Pillowcases (Set of Two)

Natural, breathable and in a love-by-all colour, these 100% flax linen pillowcases are the perfect fail-safe gift.

Ayu Clary Sage Incense Sticks

Perfect for when someone in your life needs some negative energy clearing, these lush, herbal scented sticks look just as chic as they smell.

Moon Bath Milk & Honey Sundance Bathing Salt

Nourishing, calming and grounding this product pulls double duty both as a bath salt and a body scrub. Did we mention it will look super cute displayed in their bathroom too?

Acquacotta by Emiko Davies

Regardless of kitchen expertise, everyone loves a beautiful cook book. This one by Emiko Davies is a personal favourite for both its visual design and ridiculously delicious recipes.

100% Linen Placemats in Terracotta (Set of Four)

A chic but functional gift, these 100% French flax linen placemats will not only protect from spills and marks, but are the perfect table accessory for every occasion.

Boy Swallows Universe by Trent Dalton

It wouldn't be a last-minute gift list without a book inclusion. This best seller by Trent Dalton is a tale of friendship, love and family that's sure to be loved by all.

Dinosaur Designs Medium Mother Of Pearl Dish in Malachite Swirl

A gift that's sure to be treasured, this handmade resin dish is the perfect way to display beloved pieces of jewellery, trinkets, or even fruit.

100% Linen Napkins in Olive (Set of Four)

Perfect for the seasoned entertainer or someone just starting out, these 100% linen napkins will take pride of place on any table.

Who Is Elijah Haze Eau De Parfum

With hints of clove, juniper berry, balsam wood and vanilla, this unisex scent is the perfect gift for the free-spirited souls in your life.

Mineral 100% Flax Linen Bedding Set

If you really want to spoil someone special, this super-chic and buttery-soft mineral bedding set will transform their sleep, and their space.

Still not convinced you've found the perfect last-minute gift? Shop our Gift Cards here.

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