Curate your own joy-sparking space with inspiration from these thoughtfully designed spaces.

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Over Minimalism? These 8 Homes Nail Maximal Interiors

Curate your own joy-sparking space with inspiration from these thoughtfully designed spaces.

In recent years the trend of adding more colour, patterns, and textures to your space has become increasingly common. However, the interior style of maximalism has been a part of the design world for centuries, but the way in which it has manifested in our homes has changed over time.

Maximalism is an often misunderstood design style, whereby many assume maximalism implies having lots of “stuff”, the founders of Hackney House Frieda Gormley and Jaavy M. Royle wish to eradicate this misconception, being leaders in the maximalist field themselves. “Maximalism is about lots of colour. Painterly prints. Rich textures. Surrounding yourself with objets d’art, mementos, and curios that you love” Gormley and Royle explain, abiding by the aesthetic adage of William Morris: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

While this bold interior design style can be difficult to execute, we’ve been lucky enough to step into some maximalist masterpieces through our series The Makers, here you’ll find eight homes that execute this design trend beautifully.

Maximalist Homes

1. Dani Klaric's Playful Apartment

Interior decorator and TikTok star Dani Klaric’s rental apartment in Miami is a maximalist’s dream. From the seriously impressive gallery wall that makes for the perfect backdrop behind her retro dining setting, to her playful living room adored with meaningful pieces Dani has collected over the years. For those who are currently renting their homes and are wanting to achieve a bold maximalist look – take a leaf out of Dani’s book.

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2. Sarah Shinners' Maximalist Haven

From bland and beige to bright and bold, designer Sarah Shinners' Melbourne rental is far from boring. The interior scheme is maximalist yet refined. A range of graphic artworks adorn the walls and lashings of varying hues are showcased throughout the home. In the living area, a variety of seating designs makes the space feel interesting and playful, as do the unique selection of décor collected while travelling.

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3. Jordan Ferney's Maximalist Dream

Jordan Ferney’s family home in New York showcases a refined take on maximalism beautifully. The main living area is swathed in a beautiful seafoam green shade that's perfectly juxtaposed with mustard and burnt orange hues. This palette continues throughout the home creating a cohesive look and feel that's both vibrant and sophisticated, while decor pieces and coffee table books collected over time accessorise the space.

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4. Flex Mami's Technicolour Dream Home

They say your home is a reflection of who you are, and that statement couldn’t be more true in Flex Mami’s technicolour dream home in Western Sydney. This one-of-a-kind playful home features an array of kaleidoscopic colours, curved shapes, and fun furniture. Flex’s take on maximalism is fun and bold, just like her personality.

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5. Jessica Marak's Colourful Los Angeles Home

Introducing lots of colour into a home can be a tricky undertaking but as a graphic designer, Jessica Marak is no stranger to pairing hues perfectly. Her Los Angeles home showcases a vibrant array of kaleidoscopic colours and textures, from the vibrant blue dining chairs to the peach-toned office nook, each space boasts a unique aesthetic.

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6. Pandora Sykes' Playful Victorian Terrace

From the turmeric-toned living room to the pink-hued main bedroom, Pandora Sykes’ playful Victorian terrace in London is swathed in lashings of colour, executed in a way that feels harmonious from room to room. Pandora plays with a variety of different textures, hues within the same colour family to create diverse settings around her home.

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7. Rowi Singh's Kaleidoscopic Sydney Apartment

Rowi Singh’s Sydney apartment has been elevated with colourful finds both new and old from the green velvet sofa which sits in pride of place in the living room, specially-commissioned skateboards from Rholtsu, to twisty neon candles from Jolie Laide on a gold side table, Rowi’s home is where her unique and eclectic taste is on full display

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8. Josh & Matt's Colourful Melbourne Apartment

Creative couple Josh and Matt have created a maximalist paradise in their Melbourne apartment. Mixing various colours, textures, and lighting, Josh and Matt are pushing the boundaries of interior design in their beautifully eclectic home.

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