These 9 New York City Apartments Prove Small Spaces Can Be Packed With Style

When it comes to style, size doesn't matter. In fact, the benefits living in smaller spaces can outweigh the limitations. Not only does living in a small space make cleaning easier and energy use more efficient, but it can also allow you to make more thoughtful decisions about the stuff you accumulate—living your Marie Kondo realness becomes way easier when everything you own is on display and you lack the storage space for every ill-advised impulse purchase.

Seeking inspiration for small space living will lead you to New York every time. The most densely populated city in the US, New Yorkers know how to make the most of what little real estate they can get their hands on.

These New York City apartments inhabited by some of our favorite content creators and influencers prove that smaller spaces can be packed with style. From bold color to dreamy minimalism, let these nine stylish homes inspire yours, even if space is limited.

1. Color pops via @harlingross

While it's true that small space living has its benefits, it pays to do what you can to lighten, brighten and open things up. Bright colors against a light, neutral base and pattern clashing can be just as effective as full minimalism. The baby blues and bottle green at the New York home of Harling Ross, former fashion director at Man Repeller, with fresh flowers adding a more earthy contrast, make her apartment home a haven.

2. Industrial minimalism via @tarmarz

This dreamy Brooklyn loft is a lesson in restraint, making an already airy studio space even more open and relaxing. When opting for a monochromatic color palette, indoor plants are a great way to add color without throwing off the minimalist mood. Opt for a supportive mattress without a base frame for a more bohemian approach to your sleep space that also makes the room feel taller.

3. Levelling up via @jessglistening

Lofty ceilings are great, obviously, but if you've got a narrow home with plenty of vertical space, adding a mezzanine level can be a smart way of optimising available floor space and adding function. Jess Tran's warehouse-style space in Greenpoint is rich in detail and personal items, with hanging plants on the upper level drawing the eye up and out, creating the illusion of openness and space.

4. Fresh but cosy via @hannahbaxward

Lack of floor space needn't be a problem, as long as your furniture and décor has aesthetic and functional value. The invisible bookshelf at Hannah Baxter's Bushwick apartment proves that books are décor, and that purple pleated lampshade adds a splash of color. An abundance of indoor plants even in a small space adds life and shape, adding a sense of fresh air to what could otherwise be an overly cosy home.

5. Simple elegance via @gouldhallie

It can be tempting to squeeze as much as possible into smaller spaces, but the Greenpoint apartment of writer Hallie Gould shows that a few bold pieces does the job just as well. This sculptural chaise lounge is perfectly paired with a flourishing indoor plant. Treat the corners of each room as defined spaces, designed for specific purposes—this little nook is a dreamy space in which to read a book or scroll on social media. On the wall, an arched mirror creates the illusion of space and maximises light.

6. Peach tones via @tanika_nyclifestyle

Ladder-style shelving is a great way to save space in a small home. This Upper East Side apartment is full of color and warmth, proving that small spaces needn't rely on minimalism to be stylish. We love the gorgeously '80s-inspired peachy tones in this Manhattan apartment.

7. Sunny sanctuary via @thetumerictimes

Ceramicist Teya Kepila's Brooklyn studio apartment is fuelled by recycled energy and features sustainable materials like bamboo floors and recycled cork cabinets. But that's not all we love. In the bedroom, the sunny Turmeric linen, bold artwork, and indoor plants create focal points and give the space depth and contrast. Natural light also helps make it feel more open and airy.

8. Kaleidoscopic dream via @susan_alexandra

Having lived in seven different apartments across New York City, accessories designer Susan Alexandra knows a thing or two about how to enliven a small space. Her cozy apartment on the Lower East Side is punctuated by lashings of punchy colors that uplift and add interest to the home. Originally a blank canvas, one of her major improvements to the apartment was covering the kitchen cabinets in colored contact paper “to make them more vibrant.”

9. Timeless beauty via @laleboz

Lale Boz's converted warehouse apartment in Dumbo utilises neutral tones and classic furniture pieces to create a space that's both modern and timeless. The high ceilings, expansive windows, and brickwork of this chic home reference the building's industrial heritage and retain its character.


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