The colour experts at Dulux and Haymes Paint have revealed their forecasts.

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These Paint Colours Are Going to Be Everywhere in 2023

The colour experts at Dulux and Haymes Paint have revealed their forecasts.

Paint has the ability to completely transform the look and feel of a room. It's one of the most affordable and impactful ways to spruce up a space and can allow one to showcase their unique style. Whether you prefer all your walls to be a classic white or you like experimenting with a bold colour, a fresh lick of paint can elevate your home tenfold.

Each year, the paint experts at Dulux and Haymes Paint release their colour forecasts for the shades that will dominate the home design world. Both companies have released three distinct palettes that represent a particular look and feel. For 2023 there are crossovers between the two brands who have asserted nature-inspired tones and bold colourways will the hues to turn to if you're looking to revamp your home.

"Our new 2023 Colour Forecast takes in all of our experiences of the past few years and reflects our new sense of hope, appreciation and gratitude within three colour ranges" the Haymes team says.

"The Dulux Colour Forecast for 2023 comprises three emotive palettes inspired by our need to reconnect with nature, desire for balance and calm, as well as reviving our spirits with joy and play." the Dulux team shares.

Below, we look at a variety of stylish paint colours you can use to refresh your home in 2023.

Playful and bold

Colour lovers, rejoice! Bright and uplifting hues with retro flair will be trending in a big way in 2023. Incorporating more lively hues into your home will inject it with a playful vibe and add plenty of interest.

The experts at Dulux Paint have revealed a vibrant selection of tones in their 'Revive palette'. "The Revive colour palette is creative and joyful, featuring soft blue and lilac used alongside vibrant emerald green, warm yellow and accents of playful pink and purple," the team explains. The Haymes 'Live Wire palette' also embraces a mix of bold tones that they say is "...your way to be bold and invent your individual story and creativity."

The shades you should look out for:

  • Pink Chi - Dulux
  • Integra - Dulux
  • Purple Celebration - Dulux
  • Pharaoh's Gem - Dulux
  • Livid Pink - Haymes
  • Silken - Haymes
  • Blue Sapphire - Haymes
  • Vitality - Haymes
  • April Sun - Haymes

Turn to our Peach, Lilac, Pink Clay, Turmeric, and Rust colourways to embrace this trend.

Earthy tones

The trend toward nature-inspired hues will continue to be strong in 2023 and is here to help us connect with the outside world and bring the outdoors in.

Soothing greens and earthy neutrals help embrace our innate need to connect with the natural environment and have appeared across both Haymes' 'Carefully Nurtured' and Dulux's 'Connect' colour palettes.

These tones are soothing, timeless, and easily workable into a home's scheme and appropriate for any room, particularly bedrooms where the warm neutral tones can provide a cocooning and cosy vibe and the green hues provide a sense of calm.

The shades you should look out for:

  • Adobe - Haymes
  • Leaf Brown - Haymes
  • Green Tea - Haymes
  • Morning Rise - Haymes
  • Dusk - Haymes
  • Water White - Haymes
  • Cinnamon Sand - Dulux
  • Bassett Brown - Dulux
  • Stilted Stalks - Dulux
  • Wasabi - Dulux
  • Apparition - Dulux
  • Basset Brown - Dulux

Turn to our Olive, Sage, Oatmeal, Cacao, Terracotta, and Hazelnut colourways to embrace this trend.

Oceanic Hues

Embracing blue tones in the home is almost always a safe bet and in 2023 oceanic blue and green colours are set to reign supreme. These shades offer a serene and classic aesthetic to a space.

The Dulux 'Balance' palette embraces watery hues with an ethereal vibe. "The Balance palette features delicate pastels, oceanic hues such as soft greens, and deep moody teals and blues, punctuated with accents of deep garnet and near-black," they share.

  • Nephrite - Dulux
  • Starfish - Dulux
  • Kimberley Sea - Dulux
  • Sea Kelp - Dulux
  • Terrace White - Dulux
  • Empress Blue - Haymes
  • Shadow Blue - Haymes
  • Exhale - Haymes

Turn to our Wildflower, Fog, Mineral, and Petrol colourways to embrace this trend.

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