This Is the Perfect Linen Colour For You, According to Your Star Sign

While choosing the right bedding might not seem like of one life’s greatest decisions, styling our self-curated sanctuaries is more complex than it might seem.

To make the choice easier, we turned to Natalia Benson, one of our favourite astrologers, to lead the way on the matter. For minimal Virgos, it’s all about fresh white linen, while adventurous Sagittarians will love the soothing power of sage green. Here's the perfect linen hue for you, according to your star sign.

This Is the Perfect Linen Colour For You, According to Your Star Sign

Aries: Pinstripe

The wildly active Aries loves their bed to be a place of respite and peace. Pinstripe offers a cloud-like way to escape from the intensity of their ever-growing activities list.

Taurus: Rust

Earthy Taurus would love their place of rest to reflect one of their favourite places: Earth. Rust feels like a grounded way for Taureans to recharge, make love, and enjoy many breakfasts in bed.

Gemini: Oatmeal

Gemini’s highly active creativity and intellect craves minimalism and clarity. Oatmeal offers peaceful energy and the perfect environment to journal their late-night wonderings.

Cancer: Mineral

As a water sign, the Cancerian craves as much access to H20 as humanly possible. Mineral perfectly reenacts the tranquility of a Cancer’s favourite body of water.

Leo: Turmeric

Fiery Leo loves a life full of joie de vivre yet craves the beauty in the simple moments. Turmeric beautifully connects luxury with comfort, perfect for the always-on-the-go Leo.

Virgo: White

A Virgo appreciates beauty in the simple, the minimal, the refined, the well-organised. What better colour can serve even the most particular of palettes?

Libra: Lavender

Air sign Libra loves to be amidst her element for tranquility and clarity of mind. Lavender offers the perfect dream space for the creative Libran.

Scorpio: Petrol

The mysterious allure of the Scorpio is perfectly encapsulated in Ink; deep and beautiful with a touch of enigma.

Sagittarius: Sage

Even the adventurous need a place of peace to gear up for the next pursuit. Sage perfectly soothes the adventurous soul of a Sagittarius on the go.

Capricorn: Charcoal

Practical, powerful, refined is the Capricorn personality. Charcoal offers a deep space of respite from the daily demands of a life well-lived.

Aquarius: Olive

The unique, delightful and thoughtful need a grounding, tranquil place to lay their heads. Olive is harmonising for the ever busy mind of the brilliant Aquarius.

Pisces: Terracotta

Empathic, peaceful Pisces love their place of rest to be the perfect, regenerating respite from the outside world. Terracotta offers an energy of Earthy grounding with otherworldly beauty.

Illustration by Seeds of Spells, part of our exclusive range of zodiac prints in collaboration with Sisters Village. Shop the collection now.

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