Stay Here: This Jaw-Dropping Tasmanian Retreat is Our Dream Holiday Destination

You could be forgiven for thinking that Pumphouse Point was located in one of North America's breathtaking fjords due to its untouched natural surroundings. With still waters as far as the eye can see and lush bushland that feels otherworldly, this boutique accommodation spot is actually located on Australia's deepest lake and is steeped in rich history. Lake St Clair is filled with natural freshwater and is smack bang in the middle of Tasmania, offering guests of the hotel a soothing retreat amongst the country's finest local fauna and flora. The only thing you'll need to worry about during your stay is selecting which of the three completely unique buildings on offer to spend your cosy nights inside.

Pumphouse Point has only been in operation since 2015, after owners of the site spent over a decade to make sure that every detail was perfect and in keeping with the area's natural heritage and cultural significance. Before becoming one of the country's (and world's) most impressive hotels, the site had a previous life as a pumphouse for the state's hydro electricity scheme in 1940. In 2004, the journey to restore the buildings and surrounding facilities began and we're now blessed with a wilderness retreat that makes the idea of flying to Tasmania for a weekend even more enticing than it already was. The new hotel makes full use of its beautiful surroundings, with three distinctive accommodation options including The Pumphouse, The Shorehouse and The Retreat.

The star of the show has to be The Pumphouse—it's perched 250m out on the lake and stands out clearly amongst the misty treetops. You really feel like you're sleeping in the wild in one of these rooms that are scattered over three levels in the historic building. Floor to ceiling windows mean there's little separating you and the vast expanse of water that laps quietly at your sides. The second option to consider is equally impressive, housed inside the original hydro substation on the lake's edge. The muted interior palette is carried through into this part of the hotel as well to give you a breather from the intense natural beauty that hits you square in the face every time you peer out the window. You've got plenty of options in The Shorehouse, with rooms that are directed towards the dense bushland, the astounding lake or—in the Panorama room—all of the above from the huge panoramic windows. The newest addition to Pumphouse Point is The Retreat, a very special space that gives Lake St Clair's a run for its money when it comes to drama. Clad in warm timbers and featuring bold black touches and locally-sourced furniture and ceramics, enjoy the two (!) soaking tubs on offer and let your worries quickly fade away.

You'll be itching to explore Lake St Clair and all of its pathways and secret trails on your stay at Pumphouse Point. Luckily, mountain bikes and even rowboats are available to help you to leave no stone unturned in this unforgettable slice of Tasmanian paradise. Of course, as day becomes night, you'll instinctively retreat to your lakeside cabins where log fires, communal lounge rooms and a shared dinner will help you connect with your fellow travellers and forge friendships over a glass of port. Pumphouse Point is like no other, and those lucky enough to wander its historic grounds will leave with an innate connection to this extraordinary part of the world.

Images courtesy of Pumphouse Point. Photography by Adam Gibson.

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