5 Feel-Good Home Workouts That Take 10 Minutes Or Less

Maybe you're working from home, maybe you've recently returned to a job outside of home, or maybe you're not working at all right now. Whatever the case, there's a very good chance your body is craving exercise.

We're in the middle of winter and since, you know, it's 2020, the hibernation is realer than ever. But in order to properly enjoy your downtime and ensure you're productive when you need to be, it's important to dedicate some time every day to your physical self. Schedule it into your calendar – treat it like you would a meeting or an appointment. With this, you are your own client and you're the most important person in the world (at least for the next five or ten minutes).

For some people (present company included) exercise seems hard and annoying when you haven't done it in a while. But it's less hard once you actually do it. Plus, you're probably not vying for a spot in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics so if you aren't keen on high-intensity workouts there's no reason you can't opt for something a bit more chill. Every little bit counts.

Here are five free, fast, feel-good workouts you can do at home in 10 minutes or less, care of Barre Body, Jessica Sepel of JSHealth Nutrition, reigning queen of YouTube yoga Adriene Mishler, and Australian coach Tiffiny Hall of TIFFXO. Get cracking – and remember it'll be over soon.

Morning energy flow

10 minutes with @barrebody

This energising morning flow routine is a great way to start your weekdays, starting gentle and leaving you powered up in just ten minutes. You'll feel strong and open and capable – because you are those things. You just need a little reminder, and this at-home workout is it.

Afternoon power yoga

5 minutes with @jshealth

This one's especially good for anyone working from home. When you're dealing with distractions like your partner's cabin fever, your child's insane energy reserves, or your housemate's loud personal phone calls – not to mention the suggestively well-stocked pantry just metres away from your home office – you need quick tricks to help reset your attention levels and increase productivity. Stop what you're doing, put your computer to sleep (those Slack notifications can wait) and press play on this 5-minute strengthening yoga video from Jessica Sepel.

Morning power pilates

5 minutes with @mpowerpilates

Wake up, stretch, brush your teeth, do a quick 5-minute MPower Pilates video, and then get on with your day. For some, pilates is a way of life, but it needn't be a whole thing for you (with the commute and the socialising and the cost of a class package...) You can get involved from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Be warned, however, that continued use may cause full blown pilates addiction and the sudden need to go to group classes daily and live forever in stretchy pants.

Boxing fusion session

10 minutes with @tiffhall_xo

Let Tiffiny "Your Body Is a Gym" Hall lead you through this short, high energy session designed to boost your energy and make it fun. Yes, Tiff is a black belt and a bonafide at-home workout expert, but her videos are perfect for beginners looking for doable, no-fuss exercise you can do at home without special equipment or expertise – and this one's no exception. Schedule this one in for Saturday morning to start your weekend right.

Quick yoga for stress

10 minutes at Yoga With Adriene

Let Adriene Mishler of Yoga With Adriene (and her trusty Blue Heeler, Benji) address what are probably the most stressed out parts of your body: the neck, the back, and the shoulders. Do this one at the end of each work day to beat stress, reduce inflammation, relieve discomfort and increase your range of motion.

Once you know your new routines by heart, mute the video and blast some mood-boosting music instead. Here are 11 upbeat Spotify playlists that will make your home workouts a must.

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