Where to Travel in 2020, According to Your Star Sign

You deserve a break after a busy year, so consider looking to the zodiac for inspiration and to point you in the right direction. You star sign reveals a lot about your personality, and some holiday locations are more suited to a sensitive Pisces than a brave Scorpio. So, read on to find out whether you should be booking a tropical retreat or a thrill-seeking expedition in 2020.

Aries: California

Young at heart, spontaneous and youthful, we're sending you the Golden State to lap up all of the sun, surf and celebrity sightings you can handle. Rent a convertible and take yourself on a drive down to Malibu then through the desert and on to Vegas for a vacation you'll never forget.

Taurus: Tuscany

You're an Earth sign, which means you're grounded to nature and appreciate life's natural beauty. You love to be surrounded by picturesque views and unforgettable sunsets so, naturally, you're off to Tuscany in Italy to sample the best wines on the planet and take it slow in an original hillside villa.

Gemini: Rio de Janeiro

You Geminis are sociable beings, so you need to travel to a place where you'll be able to meet the locals and be inundated with new faces and experiences to keep you energised. Lap up all that vibrant Brazilian culture in seaside Rio.

Cancer: Vancouver

As a Cancer, you like to feel at home wherever you are in the world. You expect familiar faces and a secure location from which to start your adventures from. You're all about slow travel, and the notoriously friendly Canadians are the perfect people to surround yourself with in 2020. You'll never run out of things to do in the port city of Vancouver.

Leo: Cuba

You're ruled by the sun, so it makes sense that you're going to follow that summer shine wherever it goes. You want unforgettable stories to pass on for years to come, and Cuba has history and charm in spades. You'll fall in love with the pastel architecture and old school cars that make you feel like you've been transported to the 1950s.

Virgo: Bali

Virgos are also Earth signs that crave a connection to nature, so we're sending you off to Bali in Indonesia for an off-the-grid resort getaway that will be sure to recharge your batteries. Think long, sunny days by the pool with a cocktail in hand and a masseuse at your call.

Libra: Tokyo

Librans get a kick out of surrounding themselves with likeminded people and feed off the positive energy from social situations. What better way to do that than in Tokyo! Japan's busiest city will offer you the buzz you're after as well as rich traditions that will open your eyes and expand your mind.

Scorpio: Ecuador

Scorpios are brave, mysterious and forever curious. You'll feed that curiosity in 2020 in stunning Ecuador, south of the equator. Explore the lush Amazon Jungle and awe-inspiring Galapagos Islands to shock you out of your comfort zone.

Sagittarius: South Africa

Ruled by the biggest planet in the solar system Jupiter, Sagittarians are natural-born wanderers and live for exploration. You require more than just a weekend away in the city—you need to head somewhere exotic and completely wild. Get up and close with animals that rule the jungle and the locals who live beside them in South Africa.

Capricorn: Chile

You've worked your butt off this year and you more than any other sign deserve some time out. You're naturally adventurous, so we've selected Chile and its vast natural landscape for you to visit in 2020. Explore volcanoes, ancient forests and fjords all while learning about the booming wine culture (with a few tastings).

Aquarius: Iceland

Good news, Aquarians—you're off to Iceland! You're avant-garde and always looking for the newest and coolest things to try, so we're sure you'll enjoy the quirky and creative atmosphere mixed with the charming original seaside architecture in Reykjavik.

Pisces: Boracay

For a Pisces, there's no other option than a holiday by the sea. It's where you feel most relaxed and rejuvenated, so this time it's Boracay, Philippines where nothing but palm trees, white sand and poolside bars await you. Make sure you pack a few interesting books to keep you from daydreaming too much.

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