11 Decorating Hacks to Make Your Studio Apartment Feel Larger than Life

If you're currently living in or about to move into a studio apartment, we're here to tell you that you can most definitely create the home you've always dreamed of—if you're clever. Sure, endless floor space and more bathrooms than you could ever find a use for sounds luxurious, but your home is much more about what you choose to surround yourself with than the size of your rooms. 

Studio apartments are a fantastic, affordable option for a lot of people and we've seen our fair share of chic apartments that work with—not against—their space to create warm, cosy interiors that feel anything but cramped.

How do they do it? A few simple tricks that maximise space and train the eye to see things a little differently. Below, we've rounded up 11 decorating hacks that will enhance your studio apartment, tenfold.

11 Decorating Hacks for Studio Apartments

1. Use dividers

Physically sectioning off your studio apartment is the first step you should consider. When you leave everything open and on show, you're instantly visually overwhelmed by the fact that the unit is a bedroom, living room and kitchen all at once. Easily trick the eye into seeing the space as a traditional one-bedder by using a screen divider, a bookshelf, or even sheer curtains that don't block any light but separate the space into zones.

2. Furniture scale

Smaller is not always better for your studio. It might sound counterintuitive when trying to gain space, but nailing the scale will do just that. Don't go out and find the tiniest rug you can, for example. Take measurements of the room and plan accordingly. You'll find that there are plenty of furniture and decor options that are streamlined but generous enough to feel comfy.

3. Blend the bed

If your bed is going to be on show from the front door, make sure that it's neat and tidy to avoid your guests feeling like they've stepped directly into a university dorm. That means keeping your sheets neat and possibly adding a couple of cushions on for good measure. If your bed doubles as seating, opting for a storage bed to hide pillows will do the trick.

4. Hanging plants

How often do you look up at the ceiling when you're inside an apartment unless you're looking to buy the place? To draw people's eye up naturally, get your green thumb out and plant yourself up some hanging pots. They can sit on high bookshelves or be hung from the rafters, and they're the most affordable way to gain height in your studio. Plus, plants are great for your wellbeing.

5. Practice minimalism

Studio apartments and hoarding do not mix. Like, at all. If you've got loads of mementos and knick-knacks you can't part ways with, consider a storage unit to avoid your place looking like a thrift store (and not the good kind). You don't have to hide everything away of course, but practising some restraint with your styling will go a long way to achieving a spacious, grown-up look.

6. Have a purpose

Do you want your studio to feel like a New York loft? Or maybe a calming Scandi terrace. Either way, defining what you'd like your apartment to look and feel like is important before you race off to IKEA. The best way to do that is with a Pinterest board or magazine cuttings that you can take with you. Only add in items that fit your objective and you'll be more inclined to keep them for years to come.

7. Transitional pieces

Do you actually need a separate desk? Or can your dining table become your office space during the day? Assess other areas of your home that could act as transitional areas to serve multiple purposes that'll save you not only floor space but money as well.

8. Make grand gestures

Small apartments don't need small gestures. When it comes to artwork, photographs and mirrors, bigger is better. Keeping everything tiny will only lead to you feeling like you're living in a doll's house, so lean towards the larger side with your artistic purchases to form a striking focal point.

9. Textiles matter

Being selective with the fabrics in your apartment is a good way to elevate the look and feel throughout. You don't need to go out and get your sofa upholstered in velvet, but by choosing cushions in soft linens, rugs in tactile jute and soft wooden furniture you'll end up with a premium result.

10. Don't think small

Don't water down the vision you always had for your own place, even if you don't have a huge amount of space to work with. If you've been collecting images and have an idea of the style of interiors you like, you can definitely achieve it no matter if you're in a studio or a mansion.

First, write a list of all the essentials you'll need for your studio and then use your visual inspiration to make those choices. Avoid extras that don't fit into your space, focus on your list, and you'll be surprised at how closely your result will turn out to what you'd dreamed of.

11. Float your objects

Just like your hanging baskets will force people to admire your vertical space, employing floating elements like shelves and hooks on the walls gets furniture off the floor and opens up the flow of your room. Bags, books, plants and photo frames are some of the things that will benefit from a raise.

For more small-space tips, we've got 9 Genius Hacks to Make the Most of Your Tiny Bathroom

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