Eat These 7 Superfoods for Your Clearest Skin Yet

We've all heard that beauty comes from within, right? It's a phrase often used to promote a healthy outlook on life by focusing on your personality and inner attributes rather than your physical appearance. When it comes to skin health, the term can be applied very literally. The best way to overcome inconsistent skin, breakouts, and dryness is to take a closer look at what you're putting in your body. Your diet and the quality of your skin are directly related and your gut is a huge component in your overall health and the way you feel. I can personally see a difference in my own skin if I've indulged in comfort foods for too long and conversely if I'm sticking to eating mostly nutritious foods. For your clearest skin yet, start with a big glass of water (eight times a day), then incorporate these seven superfoods into your diet.

1. Avocado

It might be the millennial in us, but avocados are a mainstay in our diets. Spread it on toast with a bit of hummus and you've got yourself a real winner of a brunch. It turns out that not only are they delicious, but they also contain heaps of beneficial oils and vitamins, including B5, C and E. The fatty acids found in the green fruit are particularly helpful in protecting your skin from harmful sun damage and help to reduce inflammation. Your Sunday morning avo toast might keep you out of the property market but you can't put a price on clear skin.

2. Blueberries

Blueberries are sometimes overlooked in favour of their red relative the strawberry, but are a vitamin C-rich addition to your diet that boost collagen production. Also, anthocyanin is a pigment in red, purple, and blue plant crops and has been shown to be beneficial in the fight against skin cancers. These berries also boost blood circulation which helps with maintaining a clear complexion.

3. Leafy greens

I know it seems like the answer to any wellness related issue is to consume leafy greens, but they're just so good for you. When we're talking about skin specifically, leafy green vegetables help to slow down the production of sebum (an oily secretion) and assist with the repair of DNA while boosting collagen production as well.

4. Green tea

The benefits of green tea are almost endless, from calming the mind to assisting with redness, swelling and skin irritations. Green tea is naturally filled with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties as well as vitamin B2 and E that are great for slowing down the signs of aging.

5. Kimchi

If you're not familiar, kimchi is fermented and salted cabbage that's a traditional Korean side dish. Studies have shown that fermented foods are great for improving skin conditions because of their diverse range of probiotics. These probiotics go to work to improve your gut microbiome which in turn will improve the appearance of your skin.

6. Salmon

Fatty fish have long been associated with skin health. The omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon, herring, and mackerel, for example, are linked to the reduction of inflammation which can also help with keeping your skin feeling moisturised and looking glowy. Vitamin D is also great for skin cell growth and helps to protect you against free radicals.

7. Mangoes

As we transition out of summer here in Australia, it might be a good idea to stock up on some juicy mangoes to help keep your skin looking its best well into the new season. Mangoes help your skin to repair itself due to high levels of the antioxidant beta-carotene. The tropical fruit is also full of vitamin A which is great for stimulating collagen production and keeping your face looking smooth.

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