Trade in booking a table at a restaurant for hosting a memorable dinner party at home.

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5 Things a Stylist Wants You to Know About Creating the Perfect Tablescape

Trade in booking a table at a restaurant for hosting a memorable dinner party at home.

Inviting family over for brunch in the backyard, hosting a dinner party for your closest friends or even creating a special date night for you and your partner can be made all the more special with a beautiful table setting. It shows you've gone to an effort to make the experience really memorable, and sets a festive mood for the meal.

But creating the perfect table setting can be easier said than done.

While we'e previously shared a comprehensive guide on how to create an 'Instagrammable' tablescape, as well as what your perfect table style should look like according to your star sign, there are a few elements you need to be extra mindful of.

According to Sydney-based stylist Corina Koch, her main piece of advice when it comes to hosting is to have fun with it. After all, a dinner party or long lunch is meant to be enjoyable for everyone, not just the guests!

"Don't rush," Koch advises. "Give yourself ample preparation time, as it can be a very cathartic experience when you take your time. Overall, the result should make you and your guests feel happy, warm, and welcome."

Keep reading for Koch's step-by-step guide to creating a beautiful table setting, and explore our Spreads. by Bed Threads. tableware collection for inspiration. 

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