12 Self-Care Rituals to Commit To If You Have No Time

When it comes down to it, most self-care rituals are actually really simple, and if you've neglected your wellbeing and time for yourself, commit to these easy self-care rituals, all of which should be non-negotiables in your weekly (or daily) routine.

1. Sleep
If you hadn't noticed, we're big on sleep here. Sleep, or lack thereof can play a huge part in your overall wellbeing. While it's easier said than done, being strict with your eight hours a night is key for your mental and physical health.

2. Hydrate
Drinking water is something we all know is necessary, but it's one of the easiest things to skip when you get busy and work takes priority. Each of us should be drinking at least two litres each day, so bring a reusable drink bottle with you everywhere you go as a reminder to fill up.

3. Move
Just because it's not an intense cardio session at the gym, your body will still appreciate you getting out from behind the desk occasionally. Something as simple as getting up to refill your drink bottle every other hour helps to get your body moving. Really can't leave your office? Walk around your desk while you take your calls.

4. Breathe
Breathing is something that we all do without any real thought. However, mindful breathing (even for five minutes) is the easiest way to combat feelings of stress and to clear your mind. It can be done before you head out the door in the morning, before bed, and any other time you need to centre yourself.

5. Feel
Life moves at such a fast pace that we often forget to reflect on the moments, days and weeks that go by. You encounter many people, feelings and situations on any given day, and it's vital that you check in with yourself regularly. Without reflection, negative patterns can become second nature and manifest into future issues. Using a journal at night is a good way to clearly see how you're tracking.

6. Set a Goal
It might sound like more work, but self-care isn't all about pampering. Sometimes, it's about keeping yourself motivated and accountable. When you have a goal to achieve, no matter how small, you're more willing to put one foot in front of the other to achieve it.

7. Celebrate
So you've set a goal and smashed it out of the park this month (go you!). Take a moment to celebrate the effort you've put in, even if it's just a glass of wine with dinner or a Sunday sleep-in. It's important to let yourself feel proud before moving on to the next thing.

8. Get Some Sun (But Make Sure You Wear SPF)
In an ideal world, we'd all have time to get out of the office during the day for a long lunch in the park. If you do happen to have flexibility when it comes to where you work, try setting up outdoors for the day for a change of scenery. For anyone indoors most of the day, it's vital that you take ten minutes to soak up some rays, even if that's walking down the street for a coffee and back again.

9. Take a Nap
Whether you're a fan of an afternoon nap or not, sometimes your body and mind just simply need a rest. When the urge arises, you should listen to your sleepy urges and be thankful for some quiet time alone. It's not selfish, it's self-care.

10. Say "No"
It can be easy to automatically respond to someone's request with a "yes". In an attempt to go with the flow and remain polite, we can get into a habit of overworking ourselves. Whether it's a party invitation or an extra shift at work, it's always okay to decline if it's going to impact your wellbeing.

11. Ask For Help
Difficult situations arise in life constantly, and how we react to them can mean the difference between a catastrophe and a small speed bump. By seeking out the expertise of friends, family and colleagues, a burden becomes much lighter to bear.

12. Self-Date
Self-care isn't about splurging on lavish things to make us feel better. It's much more about the daily necessities to keep us thriving. That being said, you deserve pampering every now and then. Take yourself on a self-date to the movies, spa or for some retail therapy and bask in your own company.

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