'Succession', 'Beef', or 'Station Eleven'– which show should you watch next?

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The Best TV Shows to Watch for Every Zodiac Sign

'Succession', 'Beef', or 'Station Eleven'– which show should you watch next?

Sometimes a television show just speaks to your soul. And that might be because it’s a perfect match when it comes to your zodiac sign. Maybe it’s the tone of the show – it’s humour and its wit – or maybe it’s the themes put on screen.

Whatever it is, we’ve found 12 television shows that couldn’t be a better fit for each of the star signs. Happy watching.


Watch: Heartbreak High on Netflix

An expansive, intelligent and innovative air sign, Aquariuns are often artistic, thoughtful, and care deeply about the world. That just about sums up the tone of Netflix’s recent Heartbreak High reboot, set in the suburbs of Sydney and that championed its diverse cast and message to a global audience. At the heart of, ahem, Heartbreak High was a message of inclusivity and celebration of people from all walks of life, and that’s something an Aquarius can really get behind. A second season is coming, so if you haven’t watched it yet, now is the time to binge.


Watch: Station Eleven on Prime Video

Pisces is a sensitive and intuitive sign, full of empathy and awareness of the world around them. When it comes to television shows, they want a series that is going to be as deeply felt as they are, to which we say: Station Eleven! This television show is one of the best in recent memory, and we don’t think it’s talked about enough. Created by HBO but streaming in Australia on Stan, it’s based on a bestselling book about a global pandemic that wipes out half the world’s population. Sounds bleak (deeply felt, we told you!) but it’s actually joyful and uplifting, two things Pisces are always looking for, as it moves beyond the doom and gloom and into a hopeful future. It’s a show not about how the world ends, but how it lives on. Beautiful stuff. Pass the tissues.


Watch: Succession on HBO

There really couldn’t be any other show, could there? An Aries loves nothing more than being on top, which makes Succession the perfect show for them. All the power plays and squabbling will speak to an Aries’ inner ambitions and confidence and will give them plenty to think about in their own lives. With the final season airing now on Binge – during Aries season, no less! – there really isn’t a better time to be an Aries.


Watch: This Is Us on Prime Video

Grounded and down to earth, a Taurus will often find themselves drawn to television shows that follow family drama in a realistic and human way. There are plenty of good options here, but we’ve gone with This Is Us, because it’s the perfect match of finely drawn characters you want to cling to as well as moving storylines that the sensual, earthy Taurus will love. There are plenty of seasons of this one, so get ready to binge.


Watch: Poker Face on Prime Video

You know how Geminis always feel like they’re bouncing between two halves of themselves? Always a new project, always a new obsession, always playful and spirited and looking for an adventure? Watching Poker Face on Stan is exactly that. The Natasha Lyonne starring murder mystery, which was created by Rian Johnson of Knives Out fame, is so much fun, a light-hearted romp that bounces around week to week. A second season is coming and we couldn’t be more excited.


Watch: The Flatshare on Paramount+

A homebody through and through, Cancer is protective of themselves and their personal space, but once you break down that shell you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful, warm soul. Recent romantic comedy The Flatshare is a brilliant series for a Cancer: it’s literally about a pair of strangers who have to learn to open up to each other and trust each other while sharing custody of a single one-bedroom apartment. It’s the perfect set-up for a romantic comedy and the perfect watch for any Cancer.


Watch: Bridgerton on Netflix

Leos truly appreciate a little touch of majesty, and Bridgerton is exactly that. The regal side of the romantic drama will appeal to a Leo, who is always looking for pomp, circumstance and ceremony, which Bridgerton’s Regency setting has in spades. (The costumes!) And we haven’t even started on this fire sign’s love of all this passion, sensual and dramatic – all things Bridgerton does very well. With the first Bridgerton spin off Queen Charlotte coming in May and a third season of the main franchise streaming on Netflix later this year, Leos are well and truly spoiled for choice.


Watch: Abbot Elementary on Apple TV+

The practical and perfectionist side of a Virgo will find a lot to love in Abbot Elementary, the charming comedy series set in a primary school in Philadelphia. The main character Janine, played by series creator Quinta Brunson, is a bright and cheerful personality who is always striving for the best – big Virgo energy – and is dedicated to problem-solving around the school. It’s a perfect fit. There are two seasons on Disney+ now with more to come.


Watch: Ted Lasso on AppleTV+

Funnily enough, the character of Ted Lasso is a Libra – it figures: the friendless, the extroverted personality, the way he’s dedicated to balance and fairness – so the AppleTV+ series could not be a better recommendation for a fellow Libra. Ted Lasso is a show about community spirit, something that Libras hold dear, and it balances its upbeat, airy comedic tone with a big heart. Watching this series is like a warm embrace.


Watch: The White Lotus on Prime Video

Scorpios love a little bit of drama, and there’s nothing more dramatic on television right now than The White Lotus. Both series of this addictive HBO show, which streams on Binge in Australia, brought plenty of twists and turns to keep a Scorpio intrigued. Both had gorgeous locations and sprawling casts and both were able to sustain the central mystery of each season through many episodes. Scorpios are spicy and mysterious people and The White Lotus is their perfect match.


Watch: Daisy Jones & The Six on Prime Video

Always on the hunt for a new adventure, Sagittarius is a curious and boundless sign that loves all things new and exciting. We haven’t seen a show that captures that feeling recently more than Daisy Jones & The Six, as it takes us on the journey of a rock band on the rise. The themes of this show: creativity, connection, the power of art, all things that a Sagittarius holds dear and will find endlessly fascinating. Plus, the beautiful costumes and scenery of this series will get their wanderlust going.


Watch: Beef on Netflix

Capricorns are thoughtful, considered and hardworking, but the flipside of that is that they can be impatient and direct. All of this is on display in Beef, the brilliant new Netflix miniseries that is currently top of all the viewing charts. This is a drama about hard work – one character is trying to sell the business she has built so that she can finally take some time off; another is desperately trying to get his break – but it’s also about what hard work can do to a person. It’s a very smart series that has people binging for good reason. Capricorns will love it.

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