These 13 Feel-Good Podcasts Will Bring Joy to Your Day

Things feel a bit strange for most of us this year. Our routines are all out of whack, and the news can seem like a constant stream of negativity. With that in mind, we've been searching for ways to add a bit of positivity back into our days, and podcasts are the perfect way to do it.

With an endless amount of media to consume right now, how do you choose a podcast to listen to you that won't fill you with anxiety? We're glad you asked! the following list of feel-good podcasts will clear your mind and even put a smile back on your face today. Happy listening!

1. Staying In with Emily & Kumail

You know Kumail from his stand-up comedy routines and his internet-breaking physique transformation for an upcoming role in a superhero. He and his writer partner Emily are here to help us all through this crazy time in the world, providing the best recommendations for entertainment at home and creating a safe place to avoid cabin fever with a few laughs. The best part is that revenue raised will be donated to charities fighting the pandemic.

2. Unlocking Us with Brené Brown

If feeling a little bit smarter after each podcast episode sounds good, then you'll want to add author Brené Brown's brand new series that unlocks the deeply human part of who we are by hosting riveting conversations with motivational guests that will help you heal and learn valuable life lessons from listening to others' experiences.

3. TED Radio Hour

I've been tuning in regularly to TED Radio Hour for a couple of years now, and it's the perfect way to distract the mind into focusing on one subject at a time (possibly something you'd never even considered before). Host Manoush Zomorodi's soothing voice narrates each episode with snippets of legendary TED talks and interviews with brainy experts. You'll explore themes like how your online presence and your real life are interwoven, the art of reinvention, and the eternal question—where did we come from?

4. Somewhere Else

Ever wonder what it's like to live life on the road as a digital nomad? Or perhaps how an opal minder lives in an underground cave? Domain's podcast is devoted to finding the most interesting ways that Australians live and opening our eyes to what 'home' really means. Warning: It may very well inspire you to build a tiny house in the forest.

5. Under The Skin with Russell Brand

A surprising addition to the list, I've recently discovered Russell's insightful interview podcast that asks fascinating questions of its line up of charismatic and recognisable guests including Lena Dunham and Brené Brown for starters. Russell asks out-of-the-box questions that will have you thinking from the minute you plug in your headphones.

6. Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend

A natural progression for late-night funny man Conan O'Brien, his podcast (with sixty-one episodes so far) is upbeat and silly, just as you'd expect. He gets the biggest names in comedy, TV and film, with a notable episode with Hilary and Chelsea Clinton. The episodes don't really follow a format, but you'll feel like you've gained a few friends by the time the hour-long episode finishes.

7. The IKEA Australian Podcast Series

What began as a way for me to fall asleep to the gentle sounds of the IKEA product catalogue (don't judge until you try it), The IKEA podcast has expanded this year into an informative and soothing series for your ears. From why sustainability makes good business sense to the meaning behind IKEA's long list of product names, tune in for all things Sweden and flat-pack.

8. Hamish & Andy

A consistent fixture in the top podcasts of the week, Hamish & Andy are an obvious inclusion to this list given the uncertain times we're living in and the fact that we all need a good giggle right now. The show is comedy gold from the very beginning, and they even list our their topics for the episode, which have included James Blunt, Bitcoin and The Little Mermaid among an endless list of others. If you're up for a binge, there are eighty-four episodes to catch up on while you work from home.

9. Riled Up with Arielle & Matt

You love to see their hilarious dance/comedy skits on Tik Tok, and now the hilarious couple is bringing their antics to your Podcast app. From March 31, this comedic duo will fill you in on everything that's happening in their own lives as well as their thoughts on everything that's happening in the world and on Instagram.

10. Good Life Project

From everyday guests to entrepreneurs like Warby Parker Co-Founder Dave Gilboa, author Jonathan Fields is here to have unfiltered conversations that connect listeners and guests and add meaning through speaking about the ways people are living fully-engaged lives.

11. On Being with Krista Tippett

This Peabody Award-winning podcast is climbing the charts at the moment, as we all try to gain as much wisdom and clarity right now. Join host Krista Tappett as she checks in weekly with her inspiring guests as they discuss science, social healing, and the arts.

12. The Mindful Kind

The Mindful Kind podcast not only shares insights into others' mindfulness journeys, but also provides its lists a range of simple and effective practices to incorporate into your own life to alleviate feelings of stress, help you sleep, and boost your overall wellbeing.

13. Phoebe Reads a Mystery

Part audiobook part podcast, host Phoebe reads an episode of Agatha Christie's first published novel, The Mysterious Affair at Styles which is perfect for anyone who needs to keep their hands busy working at home but craves a good read.

For more inspiring content to boost your mood, follow these feel-good Instagram accounts that will bring joy back to your feed.

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