The 9 Items You Need to Throw out From Your Wardrobe—Immediately

Do you have a full wardrobe but nothing to wear? When's the last time you actually decluttered your hangers and shelves? If it's been more than six months then now's the perfect time to set aside an afternoon to rifle through all of your favourite outfits and clothes that you're still holding on to decide what makes the cut in what will be an organised and purposeful new wardrobe for you. So, without further ado, these are the eleven items you need to throw out or donate immediately.

1. Things you never wear

We've all got that one piece of clothing that's still sitting in the wardrobe with the tags attached. Maybe it was a brain snap while we were in the store or our style has simply changed since, but if you haven't worn it by now, you probably never will. In fact, anything that you haven't actually worn already this year can go too. You want to keep your wardrobe stocked with pieces that make you want to wear them over and over again.

2. Clothes that don't fit

Things change, life goes on, and clothes no longer become right for us. It happens to everyone, but the worst thing you can do is hold on to them for that "one day when" moment. Live in the here and now and recognise that those clothes can be of benefit to someone else. Your wardrobe should represent you as you are, not as who you were or who you think you might be later.

3. Faded or stained clothes

I get it, there's nothing more devastating than going to throw on your favourite t-shirt and realising that there's a huge stain that you can't remove or that the fabric has faded over time. Instead of holding on to them "just in case", add them to the donation pile to free up space for clothes you'll actually wear regularly.

4. Mismatched socks

Need we say more? Mismatched socks are a mystery that no one seems to have solved. Whether the washing machine eats them up or they get lost in between gym bags and wardrobe drawers, if you can't make a pair then you're just making getting ready harder each morning for yourself. Invest in a few good pairs and always store them together to avoid any missing sock mysteries.

5. Multiples of the same thing

Do you have several of the same white shirt or dress? It's natural that you're drawn to certain items that are easy to wear and match with other pieces in your wardrobe, but at some point enough is enough. If you have more than three very similar items then it's time to decide which of them you wear the most and which items can be thrown away to make room.

6. Old shoes

I don't know why we all seem to have a tendency to hoard old shoes at the bottom of our wardrobes, but the six-month rule applies here too. If you haven't worn them yet this year then it might be time to assess if they're a necessary wardrobe item for you. There's nothing worse than mouldy shoes collecting dust to make your wardrobe feel stuffy.

7. Trendy pieces

Now this is where things get interesting. Trends come and go so frequently that sometimes we don't even realise items in our wardrobe aren't quite reflective of our current personal style. We're talking low-rise jeans, rhinestone tees and any other flashback to a bygone fashion trend. If you're waiting for them to come back in style, you might be waiting quite a while.

8. Things you used to wear

It's always fun to reminisce on the past by reliving photos with friends from your younger years. It can also be difficult to say goodbye to the clothing pieces that you were so attached to during that period, but your wardrobe is a place for you to get dressed, not to hoard memories. If something holds significant value to you, store it away, but anything else can be donated or thrown away.

11. Anything you don't love

Sorry to get all Marie Kondo on you, but anything in your wardrobe should be able to be worn and make you feel good. That means it fits well, is good quality, and you feel happier wearing it. Anything else has to go.

Lead image courtesy of Kirsty Dawn

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