We Asked 5 People What Sleeping on Linen Sheets Feels Like - Here's What They Said

From luxurious texture to temperature regulation, the benefits of sleeping on 100% French Flax Linen are real. If you're considering making the switch, it's worth doing a quick dive into these benefits - you'll learn that linen gets softer overtime, dries quickly and lasts longer than other bedding options when cared for correctly.

For anyone who hasn't slept on 100% linen bedding before, we wanted to speak to some people who have made the switch to linen to share their first impressions and advice. Read on to find out what they said about what to expect from 100% linen sheets.

5 People Describe What Sleeping on Linen Sheets Feels Like

Tori Clapham, Peaches Pilates founder

Sydney-based Tori Clapham of Peaches Pilates started sleeping on 100% linen sheets around 18 months ago.

"I stayed at the divine 28 Degrees in Byron Bay, where the beds are decked out in luxurious 100% linen," she explains. "I loved the way the sheets felt, but also how absolutely chic it made the bed, and in turn the look of the entire room. After that, I was hooked. It didn't take me long to find Bed Threads - my favourite brand ever!

"I think the look and feel of linen instantly gives you a lavish feel, which, let's be honest, we could all do with a bit of. There's also a gorgeous rustic look about linen; I love the way the sheets are imperfectly crinkled on the bed, and the fact that the sheets never have that 'plastic-y' feel of cheap alternatives."

For Tori, sleeping on 100% linen sheets feels decadent and fresh, and she especially loves the weighty quality of linen sheets. "Weighty linen can make you feel like you have your life in order," she says. We agree.

As for downsides, Tori says there aren't any. She does use a silk pillowcase for the one pillow she sleeps on, which helps keep night creams on her skin and off her linen pillow cases. She says that anyone who finds linen to be too textured for their delicate skin, it can help to speed up the natural softening process by washing it a couple of times before use.

At home, Tori rotates between Pinstripe, Terracotta, Olive and Oatmeal (her favourite).

Jackson Perryman, Customer

This Sydney-based customer is a night owl. "It takes me a while to get to sleep but once I'm out, I'm out," he says. "As of recently, I'm forced to reckon with the horrors of the early morning thanks to our puppy who doubles in function as the world's most eager alarm clock."

He can't remember exactly when he first started sleeping on 100% linen sheets, but hasn't looked back since: "All time and space has ceased to matter now that I'm floating on a cloud of 100% linen," he tells us.

The only downside of 100% linen for Jackson? "It's lonely at the top."

At home, Jackson sleeps on a Rust and Turmeric combo.

Maggie Stephenson, Artist

Florida-based illustrator Maggie Stephenson started sleeping on 100% linen sheets after we reached out to her about collaborating on a series of art prints (she's just launched her second set of exclusive prints on Bed Threads).

"I would have never thought of 100% linen sheets if not for Bed Threads," Stephenson tells us. "I completely fell in love with the colour options and was intrigued by how comfy they looked."

She loves how comforting and cosy linen sheets are. "Sleeping in 100% linen feels like a hug," she says."I have the best sleep of my life in linen sheets. I look forward to cuddling up in my sheets every night."

After experiencing the comfort of linen herself, she decided to order some Bed Threads for her and her husband's sons. "Once we experienced how cosy the sheets were, we wanted our kids to experience it as well!"

The only downside for Maggie is that being so cosy can make it difficult to actually get out of bed.

At home, Maggie has two colour duos to alternate between: Rust and Olive, and Pinstripe and White. For her son's bed, she chose Petrol and Ink, and for her husband's son, Petrol and Charcoal.

Ruby Cottle, Customer

This Sydney-based customer has been sleeping on 100% linen sheets for about five years now. She's naturally early to bed and early to rise, and values her quality sleep. Cottle originally chose 100% linen sheets because she knew she liked the texture. "Linen reminds me of summer. love the way it breathes."

A longtime linen loyalist, Cottle won't ever consider going back to regular cotton bedding. "I also love that it doesn't matter if they're creased or crinkled," she adds. And when asked about the downsides of 100% linen sheets she says she can't think of even one.

At home, Ruby sleeps on a combo of Olive, Ink and White.

Ashleigh Hogan, Bed Threads team member

Ashleigh maintains good sleep hygiene, going to bed at 10pm every night. Despite this, she can be a restless sleeper. "I wake up constantly," Hogan says. "I've always been like that."

"I'm a really hot sleeper, so I really like how linen keeps you cool in the warmer months, especially since our dog Elvie, sleeps in the bed with us, which makes it even hotter."

She's been sleeping on 100% linen for about six months now, and originally made the change from regular cotton sheets because of the colour range on offer at Bed Threads. "I loved the colours, and they're just different to what I've always had in the past, so I wanted to try them."

"At first they weren't as smooth as cotton, but I quickly came to love the texture and weight of the linen."

She also loves how easy linen sheets are to wash and dry. While it's best to air dry linen sheets, she has found that using the dryer on low heat also works well.

At home, Ashleigh sleeps on Rust and Turmeric, and is keen to add Khaki and Oatmeal to her collection next.

Enjoyed this? Here's how to choose the perfect linen colours for your bedroom.

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