The Weird Thing That Could Be Stopping You from Falling Asleep

When it comes to rejuvenating your mind and body at the end of a long day, we're big believers in the power of a restful night of sleep. It's the reason we decided to produce our very own bed linens in the first place—to offer an affordable, luxurious and comfortable addition to your bed that helps you to get those all-important zzz's. While soft linen bedding is the perfect first step to a night of comfortable sleep, we started to wonder about what's happening a little bit deeper—specifically, the mattress. I'm sure a lot of people will relate to the philosophy of 'set and forget' where you buy a new mattress once and never give another thought to it again. Because you're sleeping on it literally every night (roughly one-third of your entire life), it's super important that you choose carefully, but how crucial is your mattress to actually achieving your best sleep?

Every night that you spend tucked between the sheets means an automatic accumulation of dust mites and even mould (yikes). While the thought of sleeping amongst dust and mould might tempt you to remove your bed completely and start again, Michael Taylor, a mould expert from Flinders University, explains that you aren't at an immediate risk unless you actually start to physically see the mould growing. At which time it is definitely time to start fresh. There is no magic number for knowing when to replace your mattress, but every eight to ten years seems to be widely agreed as the time when you should consider a fresh one. Researching, buying and installing a new mattress might not be high on your to-do list, but here are a few reasons why the right one could help you fall (and stay) asleep.

Reduce stress

The power of the right mattress is completely underrated by most of us and has the ability to affect or minds and bodies in ways we'd never thought about before. For example, achieving consistent nights of peaceful sleep can help to boost your mood and reduce feelings of stress. I bet you never thought your mattress could be a factor in your mental health, but sleep is vital in the regulation of hormones and chemicals in your brain and can be a very effective tool for regulating stress and anxiety.

Relieve pain

One of the most frustrating feelings is tossing and turning all night due to lower back pain or aching joints. Sleeping on a less than ideal mattress night after night can inflame existing issues and even spark new pressure points in your body that can lead to painful episodes. The right mattress will provide you with the correct support for your body and will help to keep you aligned and your spine supported for great posture. A good mattress will distribute your weight evenly which reduces the amount of stress your body is under nightly.

Decrease allergies

Asthma sufferers or those with sensitive skin, listen up! Dust mites love to live off your dead skin cells, body oils and dust particles that build up in your bed and mattress and are a primary cause of asthma and skin conditions. It's true—your beloved bed could be causing you dry skin, nasal congestion and even pimples. If this is the case for you, a new eco-friendly mattress with a mattress protector for added hygiene will breathe new life (literally) into your bedroom.

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