11 Sunny Bedrooms Featuring Our Turmeric Linen Sheets

Yellow is one of the lesser used colours in interior design, but it's one that can bring so much happiness to a space. And our delightful Turmeric colourway proves just that.

This shade is loved for its rich, golden hue that injects sunshine into any bedroom. It suits both cosy winter styling and fresh summer interiors and is an investment you’ll enjoy all year round – whether styled with a complementary colour like Oatmeal or simply by itself. 

Be inspired to swathe your home in this warm hue and let the sunshine in with these 11 beautiful bedrooms that have embraced our heartwarming Turmeric linen.

11 Bedrooms Featuring Our Turmeric Linen Sheets


This wonderfully bright room evokes images of Palm Springs with its cactus and mix of white and warm tones. The Turmeric linen adds a wonderful pop of colour to the space without feeling overwhelming.

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Emma Lane's Spanish-Inspired Homestead in the Byron Bay Hinterland features our Turmeric linen in one of the bedrooms. Paired perfectly here with Oatmeal, the overall bedroom look is simple yet exudes warmth and interest with its patterned rug and sleek pendant light.

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Cosy vibes are what we get from Jordan Ferney's bedroom. Here, Turmeric and Terracotta join forces to create the ultimate toasty display that practically beckons you to jump in and take a nap.

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Artists Josh & Matt have filled their apartment with a cacophony of colour, art and design. The light-filled bedroom with Pink Clay and Turmeric linens on the bed, bright and squiggly ornaments hanging from the ceiling, and sculptural lamps on each bedside is an artistic display that showcases their playful style.

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"I’m so drawn to this earthy, vibrant yellow – it brings such a calm and rejuvenating energy. I love how it adds zesty life to the room while keeping the bedroom a place of bliss," says ceramicist Teya Kepila of the Turmeric linen in her cosy bedroom. The space boasts a playful and fun aesthetic without looking juvenile.

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If you're some who loves warm, neutral tones, taken design cues from interior designer Simone Haag's bedroom which stars Turmeric and Oatmeal. This space might lack a variety of colour, but it has been expertly layered with textures and patterns that create plenty of visual interest. A  dialled down palette also helps to maintain a level of calm.

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Madeline Jovicic's has transformed her Sydney apartment into an art-filled paradise reminiscent of a European summer holiday. Peach and Turmeric play into this summery mood in the bedroom, producing a look that evokes images of gelato and warm sunsets.

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Ceramicist Nicolette Johnson's bedroom has been revitalised with the bold, earthy shade of Turmeric. The colour perfectly complements the Oatmeal sheets the room's wooden details, and the gold picture frame, exuding a decidedly vintage look.

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Bright and bubbly, Flex Mami's technicolour home is bursting with style and creativity. One of her top tips for styling a bedroom is to have "Beautiful bedding that actually sparks joy" and we couldn't agree more. Turmeric and Lavender have been paired together here and reflect the content creator's larger-than-life personality.

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If you're looking to add just a pop of the sunny hue to your room, take inspiration from Brooke Blurton's bedroom. Turmeric pairs elegantly with the warm pink hues of Pink Clay, and Rosewater shades, culminating to create a scheme that echoes the Australian outback.

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"I love using natural fibres like linen on the beds and wooden furniture so the overall feeling is relaxed and warm," Sarah says when describing her home's bedrooms. The serene bedroom is finished here with our Turmeric and Terracotta linens.

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