Get Your '90s Nostalgia Fix on Instagram With These 7 Throwback Accounts

Like the seventies, there's just something about the nineties pop culture that makes you feel warm and fuzzy. The movies, the music, the celebrities and of course the fashion—the nineties is like candy that's also good for your health.

Now more than ever, we seem to be obsessed with the nineties, and it shows in the many (many) nostalgic Instagram accounts serving up daily throwbacks—not to mention their millions of collective followers.

James Abraham is the human behind @90sanxiety, an account with over a million followers, and he spoke to The Guardian recently about how 2020 seems to have intensified our hunger for nostalgia and how we use nostalgic references as a sort of compass for how to do, or not do, things in the future.

"I think that now more than ever people have an insatiable desire to look back at or reflect on the past," Abraham says. "Nostalgic content comprises a big portion of what resonates well with viewers in 2020. It's almost like a new form of expression, creating a repository of images of significance or inspiration in a sort of modern day form of scrapbooking. We have social media: Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter to thank for that."

With that in mind, here are seven of the best nineties throwback accounts to follow on Instagram for all your nostalgia needs.


With well over a million followers, the nineties throwback account describes itself as "an acute appreciation of elegance, sophistication and a distinctive appearance". It's an accurate description, considering the thoughtfully curated collection of images and fun facts about nineties culture that delight so many people post after post. The account serves everything from iconic movie stills to vintage paparazzi pics and memorable moments you might not even have known about—like when a woman ran fully nude across the court during the men's finals at Wimbledon.


The bio of this account confidently reads "The Pop Culture Archive" and that's exactly what you'll find. All the big names are there—Spice Girls, Friends, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears—plus some decidedly more niche artefacts.


If you especially love nineties hip-hop, this is the throwback account for you. Tupac, Jay-Z, LL Cool J—all your nineties hip-hop icons are here. Plus you'll see rare photos, like the cast of Friends on a private jet, Leo DiCaprio between takes on the set of Romeo + Juliet and Tyra Banks doing her own make-up backstage at fashion week.


Movie fans will love this account, which offers video clips from iconic ninties movies, TV shows and even music videos. They really don't make them like they use to, do they? Discover the magic of nineties moviemaking right here and plan your next Netflix movie marathon accordingly. You've got Now and Then, The Virgin Suicides, Hocus Pocus and more.


Love nineties movie soundtracks? This account diligently collates every awesome music moment in the movies and TV shows of yesteryear. Each post will remind you just how good the soundtracks were in some of those nineties horror films. We would argue that Scream has one of the greatest soundtracks of all time, and if you're not convinced, just have a browse on this brilliantly curated Instagram account.


This popular Instagram account offers an eclectic mix of videos and photos featuring famous faces and unknown people, painting a wistful picture of life and pop culture in the nineties. Tonally, the account is consistently informative and upbeat.


Can't decide which movie to watch next? Or which TV series to binge? This account has plenty of ideas. There are some recurring themes—Reese Witherspoon, Alicia Silverstone, Kate and Leo, plus some one-offs that will draw you deeper into the rabbit hole—a young Reese Witherspoon with brown hair, for example.

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