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How to Boost Your Immunity Ahead of the Holiday Season

We're calling it—the silly season has officially begun and we're excited to be entering the month of celebration, quality time spent with loved ones and indulging in delicious treats. With the beginning of summer and a change in weather, as well as last-minute gift stress and a few too many drinks comes the possibility of a weaker immune system and the possibility of becoming unwell and sabotaging your deserved holiday break. To keep yourself feeling tip-top throughout the month of December and well into the new year, consider these lifestyle tips to boost your immune system and stay feeling great.

Get enough sleep

The days are longer here in Australia around this time of year, which is great for catching up with friends and getting errands done after work. However, it's important that between holiday celebrations and running around trying to grab last-minute gifts that you stick to your regular sleep schedule. You're going to need all the energy you can muster, and compromised sleep can weaken your immunity and make you more susceptible to infections that might be lingering around.

Keep up the exercise

When it comes to regular exercise, what can't it fix? Getting your body moving on the regular is one of the best ways to regulate your mood, improve your physical health and prevent injuries. Your gym might have reduced hours and you're probably busier than ever, but maintain your exercise regime with outdoor exercises such as a bike ride or a brisk walk that you can fit in to your daily routine. Your body and mind will be much better off for it.

Drink wisely

There are always drinks flowing at social gatherings throughout December, and even more so on New Years celebrations. We're not here to tell you to avoid drinking altogether but you'll thank yourself in the long run for exercising some restraint when it comes to holiday drinking. Alcohol can impair your immune system, interrupt your sleep and cause digestive issues, so consider a low-calorie option and down a glass of water between drinks.

Manage stress

Before you know it, there are only 23 days (!) until Christmas and you haven't given a second thought to buying gifts. Not only that, your work deadlines are most likely increasing and stress levels are running high. Start by sitting down and jotting out a list of things you need to accomplish during this period and give yourself realistic ways and enough time to achieve them. If you're finding that you're still feeling highly-strung, try to dedicate some time to yoga or meditation even for a few minutes a day. Stress has been shown to affect not only our mental wellbeing but can also interfere with digestion, skin and other health issues, so it's important to keep it in check at this time.

Portion control

Much like alcohol intake around the holidays, there are usually copious amounts of yummy foods to enjoy everywhere you turn. While it's extremely tempting to gorge yourself on all the goodies on offer, it's important to try to stick to your usual portion size to avoid overeating and in turn, feeling bloated and unwell. Once you're feeling full, move yourself away from the food altogether to avoid the temptation to snack throughout the day. The last thing you need is an upset stomach ruining your holiday fun.

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