Commit to a more sustainable festive season with these lovely gift wrap ideas.

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7 Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas for a More Thoughtful Festive Season

Commit to a more sustainable festive season with these lovely gift wrap ideas.

The holiday season is undoubtedly one of the most joyous times of the year, but unfortunately, it's also notorious for being one of the most wasteful. One area in particular that a large portion of us overlook the negative impact of is our gift wrapping choices.

We can't deny that we love receiving and opening gifts. But once we've torn through the wrapping, it often just gets pushed to the side and never seen/used again. If possible, avoid shiny and glitter-encrusted papers as they are essentially just pre-made microplastics that cannot be recycled and can easily find their way into rivers and oceans. Switching to more eco-friendly wrapping is one of the most simple ways we can reduce our waste during the festive season.

Below, we look at seven easy and lovely gift wrap ideas that are kinder to the environment and still look festive.

3. Bed Threads linen sacks

A practical linen sack makes for a stylish and practical gift wrap option. If you've ever bought from us, you'll know each and every linen order from us comes packaged in a 100% linen sack. While there are many ways to re-use our linen sacks, they are a great way to gift wrap your Christmas presents, too. The best bit? No scissors or sticky tape needed!

6. Baskets/boxes

This is the perfect time for you to re-use any boxes or baskets you might have sitting around e.g. cardboard delivery boxes from all those quarantine shopping purchases. If they are looking particularly shabby you can wrap them in kraft paper. Don't forget to keep any of the boxes you receive in the lead up to Christmas!

7. Natural decorative elements

Rather than using ribbons or stickers to decorate your gifts, opt for dried citrus fruit or sprigs of thyme/leaves instead. This is a fantastic and guilt-free way to elevate your gift's aesthetic and they can be easily composted or put in the garden after use.

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