The French Girl Morning Routine We're Stealing for Effortless Skin

If there's one quote we firmly stand by it's "Paris is always a good idea". The land of the baguette and beret offers us endless inspiration at every turn, from galleries that hold works of the world's most iconic artists to the charming cobbled laneways lined with hidden boutiques and cafes. As well as all of their rich history, infectious culture and delicious delicacies, we regularly look to the impeccable style of French girls for tips on all things wellness and beauty. In an attempt to replicate the effortless energy of the French, we're taking a page out of their book when it comes to our own morning routine.

Wake up early

Easier said than done—especially for those of us who are fond of the snooze button—getting out of bed with your alarm every morning provides you with more than just a good habit, it allows you the time to properly plan your day. The worst feeling is rushing through your morning routine only to leave the house feeling (and looking) frazzled. Give yourself enough time every morning to properly get ready and you'll be starting your day on a high.

Eat breakfast

French girls know that beauty comes from within, and their diets are a big component of their skin health. Whether it's simply a piece of fruit or something more substantial, prioritise fuelling your body for the day ahead. By choosing foods high in essential nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants, you'll be treated in return with supple, smooth skin.


French-girl skin is all about a fresh and natural appearance, and they achieve this by keeping hydration high on their morning to-do list. Start with a facial mist to awaken the senses and follow with your favourite moisturiser to revitalise your face in the a.m.

Be sun smart

Skin damage and accelerated ageing from the sun is not something French girls mess around with. They value their skin from a holistic perspective and incorporate sun safety into their morning routines instinctively. You get bonus points if your morning moisturiser is loaded with SPF but if not, apply a light sunscreen to your face before stepping out each day to protect from sun's rays—rain, hail or shine.

Walk it out

To the bus, to the cafe, wherever—just get walking! The final step to our French-girl inspired morning routine is to fit in a little bit of exercise to kickstart your heart and get you feeling good from the get-go. As well as helping you become stronger and releasing feel-good endorphins, your skin cells are also nourished from increased blood flow.

Speaking of skin, this is what the breakouts on your face are trying to tell you.

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