From 'Stranger Things' part two to a reboot of 'Pretty Little Liars'.

| By Rachael Thompson | Entertainment

10 New TV Shows We Can’t Wait to Stream This July

From 'Stranger Things' part two to a reboot of 'Pretty Little Liars'.

It feels like the past couple of months have been blockbuster ones for television. So does that mean we’re kind of glad to put the brakes on a little bit in July with a much quieter month of new releases and streaming? You bet.

It’s quality over quantity on television this month, with every major new show a certified banger. From part 2 of the final season of Stranger Things to a reboot of Pretty Little Liars, here is our pick of what to watch in July.

1. Stranger Things Season Four Volume 2

Netflix is doing things a little differently with some of its hit shows this year, dropping them in two halves – or volumes, as they are calling it – instead of full season binge watches. They trialled it first earlier in the year with the final season of Ozark and they are doing it now with the much anticipated and long-awaited, pandemic-delayed fourth season of Stranger Things. The first half debuted at the end of May with the second coming on 1 July, after the first half reignited a Kate Bush song and sent it viral. What will happen in this second half? You’ll have to watch to find out.

Where can I watch it? Netflix

2. The Terminal List

Chris Pratt stars in this action-packed thriller with a star-studded cast, including Constance Wu, Riley Keogh and Taylor Kitsch. Pratt plays a Navy SEAL whose team is ambushed on a high-stakes mission, and when he returns to his family he is left questioning everything that he remembers about the attack. Who can he trust? And how can he protect the ones he loves as he goes about enacting justice? The Terminal List is a high-octane watch for fans of other Prime Video series such as Jack Ryan.

Where can I watch it? Prime Video

3. Mystery Road: Origin

Yes, this might be the show your dad loves to watch. But Mystery Road is truly some of the best Australian noir crime series out there; if you love The Dry (and who doesn’t?) then you will love Mystery Road. Better still, Mystery Road: Origin is a new spin on the franchise, offering up a prequel set in the year 1999 as Jay Swan, a brand new detective, takes up his first post in a rural mining town. This is Detective Swan as we’ve never seen him before, played by Mark Coles Smith, with a supporting turn from Tuuli Narkle as young Mary. Sign us up.

Where can I watch it? ABC iView

4. Boo Bitch

Lana Condor, our forever favourite and the star of To All The Boys I Loved Before, is back with a new Netflix show. Boo Bitch is a hilarious teen comedy about a high schooler who has played it all too safe over the years and finally decides to live it up… only to wake up the next morning as a ghost. The twist is that Condor’s character won’t let the afterlife stop her from her #yassification and viral moment. Hijinx – and a little spooky fun – ensue. Condor is such a star, and this Netflix series looks like an excellent platform for her to showcase her comedic chops.

Where can I watch it? Netflix

5. Black Bird

At the start of a ten-year prison sentence, Jimmy Keene is offered a deal. If he can elicit a confession from a murderer called Larry Hall, then Jimmy will be released immediately. How far will Jimmy go in order to win his freedom? And just what will it cost him in the process? This is the premise of Black Bird, a gripping series starring Taron Egerton and the late Ray Liotta, that is based on an incredible true story.

Where can I watch it? AppleTV+

6. Virgin River Season Four

Your guilty pleasure Netflix series is back for a fourth season. Virgin River is returning at the end of July for a fourth season, and will be dealing with all of the drama that it set up at the end of the third. Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) and Jack (Martin Henderson) are still at the centre of the story, though in season four we will soon find out if Jack is the father of Mel’s baby (or if it was her late husband, Mark). We’ll get to see them dealing with impending parenthood – and questions of paternity – as well as plenty of drama for the supporting characters, too. Rest assured, Virgin River isn’t going anywhere. The series has already been renewed for a fifth season, which will go into production shortly. Hurrah!

Where can I watch it? Netflix

7. Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin

A ten-episode Pretty Little Liars reboot is coming this month to Binge, and you bet we’re excited. If you have been longing for more dark and twisted mysteries taking place in close knit small towns among groups of secret-keeping teenage girls, well… Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin will satisfy those cravings. This time, a new group of teens are being tormented by A, who wants to make them atone both for their own sins and for the sins of their mothers, which took place some decades before them. That’s right, Original Sin is a double generation tale, following both present-day teens and their ‘00s-era mothers, which means there’s double the Liars, double the drama. We cannot wait.

Where can I watch it? Binge

8. Paper Girls

If you’ve been suffering from Stranger Things withdrawals after the season four bow at the start of this month, might we suggest Paper Girls? This Prime Video series is also steeped in ‘80s nostalgia and full of spooky, eerie sci-fi vibes, as it follows four teens who, while out on a paper run after Halloween in 1988, are somehow drafted into a time travel war. Time travel stories are notoriously tricky to pull off – we’re looking at you, The Adam Project – but there’s something charming about the way Paper Girls deals with its central subject of friendship and connection over the years. Easy viewing for a cold winter weekend.

Where can I watch it? Prime Video

9. Surface

How do you really know what’s going on in your life when you have no memories? This is the premise of Surface, a taut psychological thriller about a woman named Sophie (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) who wakes up one morning after a traumatic head injury without any memory of what caused her accident. As she goes about reconstructing the past few days of her life, she begins to question everything and everyone around her. Can she trust her friends? Can she trust her own husband? Surface is a gripping and slippery thriller that asks many questions of its audience.

Where can I watch it? AppleTV+

10. Under the Banner of Heaven

An adaptation of Jon Krakauer's novel of the same name, this gripping true-crime miniseries centres on a fundamentalist Mormon family and a double murder that rocked a quiet Mormon community in Utah during the '80s. Detective Jeb Pyre (Andrew Garfield) investigates the real-life murder of Brenda Lafferty and her 15-month-old daughter, Erica which leads him to a crisis of faith as he learns how this family’s own beliefs may have led to their deaths. The compelling series was created by Oscar-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black and also stars Daisy Edgar-Jone and Sam Worthington.

Where can I watch it? Disney+

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