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The Mozambique-born artist showcases new works as part of Bed Threads Gallery.

| By Antonia Day | Interiors

Mafalda Vasconcelos’ Unique Portraits Pay Homage to Divine Femininity

The Mozambique-born artist showcases new works as part of Bed Threads Gallery.

Born in South Africa, raised in Mozambique, and now residing in Melbourne, Mafalda Vasconcelos uses art to explore her biracial identity and cultural influences in her life. Through learning about her culture, Mafalda has developed a unique artistic style which we are lucky enough to be showcasing in our Bed Threads Gallery.

For this series of coveted originals, Mafalda has created ten one-of-a-kind pieces that explore divine femininity. The figures that are depicted in these paintings are known to Mafalda as “souls”. Often mistaken for real human figures, the souls that appear in Mafalda’s paintings represent ancestors from the Nharinga people of Mozambique.

Mafalda has experimented with different pigments and geometric shapes in the background of each painting, making them all entirely unique and suited to different interior styles. Painted on canvas, and framed in Tasmanian oak, these magnificent pieces are ready to be hung and appreciated in your home.

We spoke to Mafalda about the inspiration behind these artworks and what other artists influence her work.

Hi Mafalda! We're so excited to have some of your limited edition paintings feature as part of our Bed Threads Gallery Drop. What inspired this collection?

Lately, I have been inspired by fabric prints and colour combinations found in East African and Indian Batiks. My collection for Bed Threads was inspired by fabrics I bought recently on a trip to a remote beach here in Mozambique. The backgrounds are loosely based on these prints and colour combinations.

Who are your biggest artistic influences?

The artists that influence my art and life the most are Frida Khalo, Essam Marouf, Roberto Chichorro and Pablo Picasso.

Why is your art important?

My art is important to me only, I would say. It is the way through which I am able to research and to form my identity, which is in constant change.

What do the different women in your artworks represent?

The women in my work represent all women and feminine figures; they represent the divine feminine. They also represent emotions and moments in time that I want to immortalise.

Are the figures in your paintings based on real people?

The women I paint are mostly imaginary women, feminine figures from my imagination that in a way or another have an autobiographical element, representing a part of (my) identity that I want to see or question.

How do you decide what colour palette you will use for each piece?

I mainly decide based on feeling and based on what is inspiring me at the moment. The emotion and expression of the painted portrait also influences the colour palette of the final painting. But I would say it comes mostly from my own intuition and how I visualise the final piece or what emotion I am trying to convey.

Shop one-off original artworks at Bed Threads Gallery.

For more from Mafalda, follow her on Instagram @mmvce.

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