This timeless style is as popular today as it was 70 years ago.

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10 Effortlessly Cool Homes That Embrace Mid-Century Style

This timeless style is as popular today as it was 70 years ago.

In the 1950s and '60s, a sophisticated, futuristic style of architecture and home décor began to dominate the design scene. A balanced combination of simple lines, splashes of bold colour, and varying design materials, this cool and innovative style, now known as mid-century modern, is still as popular today as it was 70 years ago.

Due to its undeniable style, comfort, and practicality, many people embrace mid-century styling in their homes unknowingly, from Parker-made teak sideboards, chrome, and leather chairs inspired by Marcel Breuer, and even armchair dupes with designs copied off of Charles and Ray Eames, mid-century furnishings remain prevalent in modern settings.

If you fell in love with the retro setting of every scene of Mad Men, or were in awe of the glass home where Cameron Frye and his father live in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, or maybe even the quirky yet sophisticated interior of Mr and Mrs Incredible’s house, then get ready for our ten of our favourite mid-century style homes we’ve had the pleasure of visiting through our Makers Series.

Mid-Century Style Homes

1. Gina Lasker’s Light-Filled Home and Workspace

Florist and founder of Melbourne-based floral studio Georgie Boy, Gina Lasker’s home is the perfect example of how mid-century modern design serves both beauty and function in her space. The open plan living room harbours tons of natural light, illuminating Gina’s collection of mid-century pieces that she has collected over the years – her wooden sideboard being one of them, which doubles as her record player stand and podium for her exquisite floral displays.The elevated bedroom area is marked out with straight, clean lines, where a glass and metal window pane lines one wall, creating a unique display into the space.

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2. Zara Seidler’s Mid-Century Chic Apartment

Zara Siedler’s youthful yet refined Sydney apartment leans towards a relaxed mid-century aesthetic. From the clean lines found in the vintage sideboards and bookcases, to the curves in the retro lamps and vintage chairs, Zara’s home displays mid-century style effortlessly. The open-plan living room houses an impressive collection of mid-century pieces, the tan leather Eames lounge chair being one of them. The pieces are complemented by an array of pastel artwork that hang on the walls, along with a large Slim Aarons print. The mixture of different materials and splashes of colour that can be found in this home make it mid-century-chic.

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3. Julia Sherman’s Mid-Century Marvel

If you get jealous easily, consider skipping this one. Julia Sherman’s stunning family home is an original piece of mid-century architecture surrounded by lush greenery in Pasadena. The home boasts floor to ceiling windows which drench the home with natural light, illuminating the plethora of mid-century pieces Julia has filled it with. This home is the pinnacle of mid-century modern living, with all areas of the home ticking the beauty and function boxes. The colourful décor has been carefully selected to inject each room with playfulness. The broad colour palette is fun, yet remains sophisticated in this setting. The open-plan design of this home makes it ideal for hosting and entertaining friends, while also being the perfect place to raise a family – being one of the reasons why mid-century design came to be in the first place.

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4. Fatuma Ndenzako’s Stylish Family Home

Clean lines, curved shapes, rich toned wood, and splashes of colour make fashion designer Fatuma Ndenzako’s family home in Melbourne a mid-century delight. The home is filled with timeless pieces that Fatuma and her husband have collected over the years, from the 11-year-old teak dining table to the velvet daybed, each piece of furniture is not only stylish, but also practical. Bursts of green and amber are peppered throughout Fatuma’s abode, in the form of vintage vases, lamps, artwork and houseplants all of which contrast beautifully with the rich toned wood.

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5. Steffanie Ball’s Curated Home

Interior architect and creator of gorgeous stone fossil furniture brand En Gold Steffanie Ball’s home is a stunning example of how mid-century styling doesn’t limit itself just to teak furnishings. Steffanie’s Williamstown home is adorned with pieces she has collected over the years along with a selection of travertine wares from her brand. A luxurious velvet modular sofa sits in the middle of the light-filled living room beside two chrome and brown leather Wassily chairs – both of which hail from the mid-century era. Steffanie’s home feels like a museum housing exquisite vintage pieces. The combination of chrome, travertine, leather, and velvet make this home a refined mid-century masterpiece.

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6. Jan Vogelpoel’s Exquisite 1960s home

Every corner of Jan Vogelpoel’s 1960’s home is a treat for the eyes. The Melbourne-based artist is a huge fan of mid-century modern design, which is prevalent in both her work and beautifully furnished home. The entrance to her home is show-stopping with vibrant circular carpets and an impressive array of pots and planters beckoning you inside. Vibrant art compliments the colour schemes of each room, whilst Jan’s sculptures mingle with her vast collection of vintage wares. Each and every element of Jan’s home and studio has been decorated to mid-century perfection. Her bright studio space is flooded with natural light, illuminating her work and incredible curved perspex chairs.

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7. Simone Haag’s Log Cabin Retreat

Nestled amongst the trees, interior designer Simone Haag has created a breathtaking sanctuary reminiscent of a log cabin retreat in the Melbourne suburb of Ringwood. Wood-panelled walls painted white and angular industrial shelving form beautiful clean lines within the space. Simone’s collection of carefully curated ceramics and curved light-fittings are the stars of the show, along with the impressive gallery wall that can be found by the exposed brick fireplace in the living room. Simone’s home balances function and beauty, being the perfect place to raise a family, while remaining stylish and refined.

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8. Kelly Thompson’s Vintage Filled Home

Borrowing elements of '70s styling and art deco pieces, Kelly Thomspon’s light-filled Melbourne home perfectly executes mid-century style. From the teak framed armchairs and sofa that sit on top of the cream plush rug, to the gold chrome and glass coffee table that houses an impressive coffee table book collection, Kelly’s home is full of life. Thriving houseplants have been carefully placed around the home which bring out the gorgeous pops of colour scattered throughout the space. The bedroom is bursting with mid-century magic, with two retro curved black and chrome table lamps forming beautiful shapes over the straight-lined silhouette marked out by the bed frame.

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9. Allie Cameron’s Slice of Mid-Century Magic

HARA The Label Founder Allie Cameron lives in a mid-century paradise nestled away in the trees of peaceful sea-side town Torquay. When walking through the doors of Allie’s piece of living history, you’re instantly sent back in time. Wooden slatted walls line the interior of the home, which are broken up by lush greenery and carefully selected vintage furniture pieces. The beautifully styled living room embodies mid-century style, while the bedroom nods to elements of the era with a teak sideboard and sphere lamp adorned with gold detailing. Allie’s home is nothing short of a masterpiece, from the inside out this home lives and breathes mid-century style.

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10. Sara Comb’s Joshua Tree Oasis

Sara Comb’s renovated 1949 hacienda home embraces a Spanish meets Moroccan aesthetic, which is heavily influenced by the surrounding natural landscape. The stunning property is dominated by timber, which ties in perfectly with the bold green cacti that circle the perimeter of the house. The exposed beams and high wooden ceilings evoke a sense of nostalgia as the cool toned white paint brightens up the space that houses the eclectic curation of furniture. The simplicity and use of natural materials in this home are what make it a modern take on mid-century styling.

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