Pinterest searches for this funky style are at an all-time high.

| By Rachael Thompson | Interiors

Mushroom Décor Is Trending: Here’s How to Get the Whimsical Look

Pinterest searches for this funky style are at an all-time high.

1970s design is once again having a moment and this time, we're turning our attention to our fungi friends. Interest in mushroom décor is at an all-time high with the motif sprouting up everywhere from lamp designs to wall art. Pinterest searches for ‘vintage mushroom décor’ have gone up 35% YOY, ‘DIY mushroom décor’ 77%, and ‘fantasy mushroom art’ 170%. And the social media service predicts the trend will continue to grow in the year ahead.

Given how statement-making this trend is, a less-is-more approach is the safest bet when it comes to decorating. Interested in spore-ting the look? Below we explore why mushroom motifs are trending and share some ideas for incorporating funky fungi vibes in your abode.

Why are mushroom motifs trending?

Fungi-inspired décor can either be psychedelic and colourful which ties in with the increased desire in home styling to be more experimental and playful, or it can be organic and earthy which fits in with the biophilic design trend which caters to our desire to bring the outdoors in. Additionally, this cottagecore-adjacent trend exudes a cosy, comforting look which is something a large majority of us have been craving over the past few years.

From the monumental mushroom sculpture that sits within Quincy Jones' home which appeared as the cover home for the January 2023 issue of Architectural Digest to mushroom motifs featured on House of Hackney's designs, these fun little guys are popping up everywhere.

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