It's all about timeless design and durability.

| By Rachael Thompson | Interiors

How to Find Furniture You Can Carry From Rental to Rental

It's all about timeless design and durability.

When living in a rental home, there are certain considerations you need to make that you don't if you own a home. One such consideration is knowing that when you buy furniture it will likely be moved from home to home as you sign new leases for different properties. What you don't want is to unpack all of your furniture at your next rental home only to find it doesn't suit the space at all.

With every home being different, it can be hard to know what types of furniture you should and shouldn't be looking for. Some things you might want to consider are; selecting pieces that are easy to assemble, timeless designs that can fit in with any space, and high-quality designs that are durable and will last for years even when being moved around.

Below, we spoke to interior stylist and seasoned renter Loui Burke for his top tips for selecting furniture that you can carry from rental to rental. "I've moved bed frames, headboards, coffee tables, side tables, rugs, and lamps from rental to rental and they always look great," he shares with Bed Threads Journal. "If you buy right once, you don’t have to redo it any time soon. These pieces instantly make any space feel like home and boast a timeless quality."

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