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I put the viral bedding hack to the test.

| By Antonia Day | Wellness

5 Things I Noticed After Trying the Scandinavian Sleep Method for a Week

I put the viral bedding hack to the test.

Moving in with your partner is a funny one. Some things you share, while other things are off limits. My partner and I have our own toothbrushes (hopefully you do too), we have separate wardrobes, we both even have a favourite fork that we wouldn’t dare mix up, and of course, we have our own sides of the bed. But when it comes to what goes on top of the bed – we share it.

In many countries it’s customary that our beds are made with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet (if you’re on that team), pillows, and one duvet cover. However, some places around the world do things a little differently.

1. Slept through the night

I often wake up a few times each night, whether it’s from needing to go to the bathroom, moving my dog to the other side of the bed, or stealing the covers back from my partner, my unconscious self usually finds a way to interrupt my sleep at least once a night. I found after the third night of trying the Scandinavian sleep method, I wasn’t waking up until my alarm sound became background music in my dreams.

2. Didn’t wake up from partner’s alarm

My partner and I usually wake up at different times each morning. He’s usually up at the crack of dawn to go conquer some athletic feat, while I remain cocooned in my Wildflower bedding set. I noticed after the first night of using a duvet each, I was no longer waking up to the sound of his alarms set for ungodly hours.

3. Stayed the same temperature all night

I’m a cool sleeper, who’s a big fan of a top sheet and a blanket underneath the duvet – my partner on the other hand, visits the Sahara in his dreams each night and usually wakes up making at least one remark about how hot his sleep was. A huge benefit of this sleep hack for us was being able to choose our preferred thickness of duvet, rather than compromising on a shared all-seasons quilt that will keep him hot and keep me cold.

4. Deeper sleeps

This point definitely relates to the second point I made about not waking up from my partner’s alarm. Because I wasn’t waking up at all in the middle of the night and not before my morning alarm went off, I was able to have a solid 8-9 hours of quality deep sleep each night.

5. Improved energy and mood

This was an outcome of all of the pros that came with trialling this method – my energy levels were through the roof! Being able to get a decent amount of sleep every night without interruption made a huge difference when it came to my energy levels throughout the day and my mood in general.

Overall, I highly recommend for couples who live together and share the same bed to give this method a go. Whether your sleeping buddy is a tosser and turner, chronic overheater, or a serial alarm snoozer, the Scandinavian sleep method just might be what the both of you need to get a rejuvenating, uninterrupted night's sleep.

And if you're worried about two duvets cramping your bedroom's style, do what I did and cover up the crease with a linen throw – my favourite is Limoncello!

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